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Venkatesh Seetharam
Senior R&D EMI/SI Engineer at Avago Technologies

We started our home search in March 2013. We worked with 3 different realtors and submitted offers to at least 10 houses with no luck. Disheartened with the market and the incompetence of our realtors we totally gave up home search. In August 2014 when one of our dear friends narrated the story of their home buying we were thrilled to hear that such realtors do actually exist. He recommended Amar strongly and said if we were to buy a house, Amar must be our realtor. Coming from our friend who had a great recent experience with home-buying, we approached Amar in March 2015 when we restarted our home search. We were to realize how true our friend’s words were when we bought our home. We truly believe that we would not have bought our home, if Amar was not our realtor.
From the very first conversation, we realized that Amar was a different realtor than the ones we had worked with. His knowledge of the market and his approach to home buying was different. There was couple of houses that we were interested in and Amar rightly pointed out that those were not right for us. At that moment, we were certain that we were working with the right realtor. When we wrote the offer for our home, we knew that we would not be the highest bidder. Amar knew that as well but worked his magic to win the home for us. Amar was such a difference maker: he clearly understood the dynamics of the deal and changed it to a scenario where if the sellers were to accept any offer, it would be ours. We still cannot believe that Amar was able to do this in Fremont where multiple offers are the norm for every listed house. Amar’s acumen of what clinches a deal is exceptional and was one of the main reasons that helped us get the home of our dreams. The fact that we got a highly desired home in an extremely competitive market (in Fremont) in spite of not being the highest bidder goes to show Amar’s competence.
Amar’s contribution to our home buying did not stop after the offer was accepted. He worked with the lender and escrow agents and made sure that the escrow closed on time. Amar went over and beyond his role as a realtor and advised us very skillfully all along and helped us make the right decision at each stage. Amar has certainly become our realtor for our lifetime.

July 6, 2015, Venkatesh was Amar’s client

Laleeta Gollamudi
Product Development Manager at Dx-Sys, Inc

“Just like any couple, home buying process seems like a nightmare in Silicon Valley. Our journey to look for a house started with many apprehensions and qualms. We got introduced to Mr. Amar Amarnath at one of the events in Silicon Andhra. His utmost humility caught our attention and encouraged us to work with him. Within a duration of 3 months he streamlined several issues required for home buying process, enabling us to move progressively. Despite having the challenges of multiple bids, over bids and time pressure, he went out of the way to help us buy our dream house. He personalized this experience by interacting with residents in the neighborhood to get inputs and involving every member of the family to ensure our happiness. Finally, we landed in our dream home, cherishing every moment with our family.

Our special thanks and gratitude to Mr. Amar and his entire team for making this beautiful dream come true. We would recommend Mr. Amar for his diligence, sincerity and excellent customer service……..making home buying a pleasurable experience.”

Shanti & Laleeta

July 7, 2015, Laleeta was Amar’s client

Sulabh Jain
Staff Software Engineer at FireEye, Inc.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your efforts and patience in dealing with us as first time home buyers. I could not imagine us owning the house in this kind of market without your guidance and experience. I appreciate your feedback that you provided us from time to time while giving us space at the same time to decide on what we liked during the search process. I thought the ride was over when we got our counter offer accepted but then started a different set of things to deal with, but that didn’t worry us as you were there with us anytime.

July 6, 2015, Sulabh was Amar’s client

Thirumala Reddy Mutchukota
Software Engineer at Google

I feel very lucky to got to know Amar. When I first contacted him on April 18th 2015, I had no clue about buying a house in US and had no confidence that I can buy a house in the next six months. From there, in exactly two months, i.e by June 19th 2015, the Escrow got closed and now I am a proud owner of a beautiful house in this far far foreign land. I still can’t believe that all these happened so fast and I was really able to buy a house in exactly two months. Amar played a big role in it and I will always be thankful for him for that.

Here are brief list of items that made all the difference in our home buying experience …

· With the very first phone call, Amar introduced me to the loan officer Yogesh. The conversation with Yogesh cleared lot of doubts about my affordability, loan eligibility, and gave me the much needed clarity on what I am entering into.

· When I informed Amar that, I liked a house on May 18th morning, I had no confidence that I will be able get it as the house is little over my budget and there are already higher bids with the seller. But, Amar gave me the confidence to go for it, gathered everything together, prepared the offer the same day, submitted it the same night and even got it accepted the very next day. So, approximately, in just over 24 hours, I went from, “I like this house, but I am not sure that I would be able to get it” to “Yes, I got it” and that’s marvelous and unheard of before.

· Amar execution speed and negotiation skills are extremely good and I believe those are the ones that makes him one of the most successful and well appreciated realtor.

· Amar was able to win the bid even with 10k less than the highest bid. A very big thanks for him for seeing it through and convincing me to take the right step at the right time.

· As soon as our offer is accepted, he introduced us to his whole team of people who came forward to help us in closing the deal on time.

· Throughout the Escrow time, he was on top of everything and sending me regular updates and assurances that everything is going as per the plan and we closed the deal on on June 19th 2015.

· Even after closing the escrow, he is still calling me regularly and giving all the guidance with taking over the house and moving in. In that I just see a very great friend and well-wisher in him.

In Summery, Thanks to Amar for everything and God bless him with lot of health, wealth and lot more energy to help lot of other people like me in fulfilling their dreams.less

June 29, 2015, Thirumala Reddy was Amar’s client

Kishor Voderhobli
Software Engineer

Amar is the true processional relator who was my front-line and took care of every tasks with keeping dates in sync, which is very important for every seller. I really like the way he works, first meeting he spent time understanding my needs, then help me making the house ready for virtual tour and photoshoot, started internet marketing weeks before the open house, navigating the crowd from every corner of the city to open house, filtering potential buyers from open house visitors, connecting with potential buyers and providing additional details about the house. He personally attended every appointments from begging to escrow closing.

Most important part of the home sale is negotiating to get the best price for your house, looking at his results, it clearly shows his strength is negotiation power. Marketing, Execution and Negotiation are Amar’s core strengths to take home sale to a next level by going above and beyond. Amar sold our house in 2 days after 1st open house and completed all the papers works in less than 4 weeks, his perfect execution at lighting speed with record price in the neighborhood through extensive on-line marketing is most appreciating.

Amar you took care of every task in the process and made it look like very simple to me. Peace of mind during the process saved me time and focus on my family and other important things, because of you I saved time and money and made my coast-to-coast move very easy…A very big Thank you from me and Family!

June 13, 2015, Kishor was Amar’s client

Ramu Kurapati
Staff Engineer at Avago Technologies

Its been a really good experience to work with Amar and his team as our agent because he kept us in the loop throughout the process and was personally involved in all aspects of home selling including appraisal, loan, escrow process, and closing. The final buyer having used a VA loan, Amar ensured that all things were taken care of right and being there personally for the appraisal process. Not just that but Amar also coordinated and engaged us throughout the entire escrow process to make sure the loan process went smooth. Thanks once again for a great experience and we look forward to working with Amar and his team as our buying agent as well.less

June 27, 2015, Ramu was Amar’s client

Anjan Kumar Ojha, PMP
Engineering Project Manager @ Apple

Right from the day, I involved Amar – it has been only the best guidance and assistance which he provided me right from the time I asked him to help me in this journey to buy a home.

He assured me a lot during every stage of buying home, that we will get the best home at the best price for you. It didn’t stop at just negotiating the best deal for me on this home, but also helped at each stage starting from getting the best interest rate and benefits from bank, getting the closing done at the best possible(minimal) time and not to mention to get the keys as well in flat 21 days.

I am very happy with Amar and his team. I would refer him to everyone who is looking to buy a house in bayarea.

Thanks a lot Amar. You are really the best !

**These are my personal views, & doesn’t represent views of the company I work or worked for.

June 24, 2015, Anjan was Amar’s client

Jasmina Simic
Supervisor at Il Fornaio

What a pleasure was to work with Amar and his team!
Amar is a superb agent, providing us with excellent service .He is very responsive, timely, and professional.
Quick and efficient, Amar was involved in every stage of this journey.
We were looking in a very competitive area and the house had a lot of interest, so we weren’t sure whether we would be able to get it.
He helped us close the deal among many potential interests.
He got us a great price, a good discount from the lender, and brought us, incredibly smooth, to close of escrow in just 2 weeks.
I want to thank the team for all their hard work in helping to locate the perfect house in Los Gatos. With all your help we were able to find the perfect property for us.

June 18, 2015, Jasmina was Amar’s client

Yogendra Srungaram
Product Manager Technology and Software

Amar ji helped us find our dream home which met our exact requirements.Our requirements are pretty tough 🙂
I know Amar ji for a while. I know him personally. He is a good friend. But when it comes to business he is extremely focused, professional and dedicated.He left no stone un-turned to get us the winning deal. Along with his deep technical knowledge about the housing market, the biggest asset he brings to the table are his unconventional skills. He understands our requirements and also the seller’s requirements and bridges those gaps between both the parties. Winning and closing houses are a norm for him.Wishing him the best in helping lots of home buyers like us buy their dream homes, Thanks you once again and all the bestless

June 1, 2015, Yogendra was Amar’s client
Srinivasa Yedluri
Staff Middleware Engineer

When I think about Amar and experience with him as buyer, this is what struck my mind

— Great adviser for home buyers.
— Great price negotiator.
— Highly focused.
— Personal involvement in every step in the process.
— Highly skilled in real-estate transactions.

Being a first time home buyer, I was off at times on my preferences and priorities. Amar was really helpful in explaining the reality and guiding me in the right direction and also suggesting me great mortgage lender.

My transaction was not an easy one, as I have budget constraints and got into market with short preparation, however I have ambition to get good house in good school district.

End of the day, Amar and his team have helped me fulfilling my ambition working patiently on all the difficulties in the way and saving me around 20K, in this steep market; without Amar and his team it wouldn’t have happened.

I really appreciate the help and recommend Amar for any committed Home buyer.

May 28, 2015, Srinivasa was Amar’s client
Sudhakara Reddy
BI Architect

It is really a pleasure indeed to write a review for Amar. In simple words, he will see the entire process of buying home an easy and Pleasant one. The unique thing about Amar is his vast experience in negotiating with the Bank people or with the sellers. Amar’s negotiations skills helped me to get a very great price (50K less than the higher offer) in this hot and multiple offers market, that too in South Bay. Over and above this, he got us a good discount from the lender towards closing cost.

Amar was there to oversee see personally all aspects of the buying a Home whether it is Loan, Escrow or closing. Amar is simply an outstanding agent with a professional, efficient and, caring team. Moreover an excellent person to work with. He patiently answered all my many questions and continuously ensured that we had all the information we needed.

I would strongly recommend Amar to anyone looking for an edge in a competitive housing market.

May 23, 2015, Sudhakara was Amar’s client
Prapti Chitoor
Software Engineer at Apple

This is probably going to be similar to some of the other reviews. However we cannot help saying Amar is really really the best. He has an excellent relationship with the Bank and sellers agents. Because of Amar we got:
— An excellent rate.
— We found our home, in an area we wanted
— We were not even the highest bidder, but Amar and his team’s reputation to get things done on time, and his negotiation skills got us our home.
— We needed the proceeds from our previous home in a different location, to invest into our current home and the funds were on the same day as the closing date. Amar got the bank to approve and fund our loan for the house in Bay Area in a matter of hours.
— He is involved in every aspect and makes it a really smooth process.
In the South Bay Area where there are multiple bids, and over the top cash offers the relationships and reputation of the agent makes a difference in whether you get your home. You cannot go wrong with Amar!

May 23, 2015, Prapti was Amar’s client



Sridhar Narasimhan
Engineering Manager at Maxim Integrated

I contacted Amar based on the positive reviews that I read online. In a competitive seller¹s market, it is very important to have an efficient realtor who can represent you well & can get the job done.

Amar & team got on the job right away. He has a great team and I got pre-approved at lightning speed. Amar & Sri worked with us and counseled us on our house requirements, the factors to consider and the locations we should consider. With that help we identified our target homes that we wanted to place an offer on.

Amar put together a very good offer package and we got accepted, though we
were not the highest offer. Our first offer was accepted at $20K less than the highest offer. We witnessed entire Amar offer presentation with seller and listing agent. We didn¹t even get a chance to make an 2nd offer out to our second target.

Amar was able to negotiate many small components of the house closing that
added up to a BIG SUM over $7K. His team was also excellent and the financing portion etc. closed in a record time. His support team is robust to survive any hiccups during the entire process.

What continues to impress me about Amar is that he stayed engaged in the whole Home buying process and closed the HOME for us in a RECORD TIME. I higly recommend Amar.

May 20, 2015, Sridhar was Amar’s client
Bhuplesh Gupta
Technical Consultant at Apple (Exilant)

Dear Amar, Sri,

I am writing this letter to thank you for your hard work you both have put together in getting our first home. Buying a home is not like buying a car, where you go to showroom, select the model, negotiate the rate and drive home. Home buying is much more complicated and laborous, however, you made it so easy that it was like buying a car.

Here are some of the points, I would like to highlight:

In our first converstation over email, you introduced me to loan officer. That itself was a big milestone towards home buying. Your help there was really great.
Sri understood our home requirements. She asked all right questions to find best matches and she did it. All of the properties she shared with us were meeting our expectation.
Within 2 weeks (unbelievable), we were able to find our dream home. I have heard people spent months and months to find the right home.
Once we finalized on the property, you were really fast in preparing an offer, which sellers could not resist with your exceptional negotiation skills. The offer was accepted even before due date.
You helped in getting it closed within 2 weeks smoothly, which is awesome.

Because of both of you, now we are proud owners of a great property.

Thanks again and wishing you best of luck. Keep doing good things and help people find their dream home.

Best Regards,

Bhuplesh & Shilpa

May 11, 2015, Bhuplesh was Amar’s client
Amit Kotwal
Senior Software Engineer at Google

Amar is an outstanding agent with a truly professional, efficient and, above all, caring team.
I think Amar’s approach is unique because he brings an entire package and team to the task, including mortgage and insurance.

Amar was involved in every stage, from negotiating with the seller’s agent, working with the lender, to closing the deal.
He got us a great price, a good discount from the lender, and brought us to close of escrow in just 19 days.
With our short escrow, we were panicking whenever we had any hiccups in the process. Amar calmly guided us through the process and soothed our panic. He also patiently answered all our many questions and continuously ensured that we had all the information we needed.

We would definitely recommend Amar to anyone looking to buy a home in the Bay Area.

April 8, 2015, Amit was Amar’s client
Amit Joshi
Engineer & Entrepreneur

Amar came highly recommended and played a pivotal part in getting us our very first home in the highly competitive Los Altos/Palo Alto/Menlo Park area. What’s unique about Amar is that he puts in so much effort, like he’d do for his own home!

Amar operates a bit differently – first you share requirements, then you do your own research and look at houses. For the ones you like, he does the same independently. After comparing notes if you decide to move forward then the real machinery kicks in.

In this competitive market a number of factors are at work rather than just a number in the offer letter. Amar works behind the scenes paying attention to every detail to figure out what’s important to the seller. Then he works with you, the sellers agent and mortgage brokers to put together an offer as a complete package. Often this package looks competitive with cash offers, guaranteeing peace of mind to seller, and this is the key difference.

Once your offer gets accepted (with Amar, there’s a good chance that it will happen sooner than later) then execution till the finish line is as smooth as it can be. I was dreading the closing process and the paperwork, however, it really turned out to be a breeze. In fact, we not only got a pretty decent interest rate we but also managed to get a discount that covered entire mortgage related closing costs and then some.

I would strongly recommend Amar to anyone looking for an edge in a competitive housing market.

February 22, 2015, Amit was Amar’s client



Satya Chalasani
Contractor at Wellsfargo

Amar is an outstanding Agent. I am a first time homebuyer and he was very patient with answering all my questions. He would always put his client’s priorities on top of his priorities. Amar would travel miles even in difficult weather conditions to show a houses. He has excellent knowledge of building materials and would correctly estimate the costs for any repairs required. Most importantly is very honest in giving his feedback.
Amar has a very good team and they compliment each other so well. You will get a feeling that a strong team is working for you throughout the process. They are so flexible in working around your timings.Once you like any house, they were so meticulous in doing their research and would get to the correct value of the house.
Amar is excellent in gaging the competition and would also magically get to understand the seller’s mindset. He is excellent in putting out a strategy to prepare a winning offer. Amar is very methodical in negotiating and he is your best bet in winning through multiple offers in this competitive market. What makes him special is that he truly feels every transaction as his own and works so hard on it. Finally, I would say that if Amar is in your team, it’s like having the leagues MVP in your team.

February 5, 2015, Satya was Amar’s client
Vinod Gomathi nayagam
Sr Software Engineer

We first met Amar on Sep 11th based on reviews. As first time home buyers we were not clear about the entire home buying process. Amar explained us about all the steps and initiated our pre-approval. No one believed we put our first offer within a month (Oct 10th) of our home search. Amar and his assistant Maria efficiently assisted us on getting through this offer though there were multiple competing offers. He with his excellent contacts expedite all the process which involved loan process, inspection, appraisal, and insurance. We closed escrow and got our dream home key exactly within 2 months (Nov 10th) of meeting Amar. Its all still like a dream….

Overall Amar has a very talented team and he makes you feel comfortable in the entire home buying process.

January 30, 2015, Vinod was Amar’s client


Priyadharshini Gowthaman
Engineer at Qualcomm

Our Home buying experience with Amar and his team was truly immeasurable. From day 1, since the initial meeting the service provided was exceptional. We were looking for homes in a very competitive area. He helped us close the deal among many potential interests with right strategy. Being first time home buyers, we had lots of questions and he was patient and explained everything in detail. This was definitely the best deal negotiation by all means. He was personally involved throughout the entire process (loan, escrow and closing).

He was on top of every activity to make sure that our home buying experience was very smooth. It was overall an amazing experience to have worked with Amar and his team who provided guidance throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Amar to my friends and anyone looking to buy a Home.

January 27, 2015, Priyadharshini was Amar’s client
Balakumar Rajendran
Component Design Engineer at Intel

Amar truly is an excellent Realtor, but more than that he is an excellent person to work with. Without him, we wouldn’t have been able to say that we are happy home owners now.

Being first time home buyers and especially in a market like bay area, we were quite not sure how and where to get started. It is at that point we met Amar. Amar and his team from the beginning have been with us at each and every step. We began searching for houses and we told what we liked and what we didn’t and he was able to clearly understand our needs and show us the houses to our likes.

Once we decided on the house we had to put the offer for it. This is where Amar’s expertise came into the picture. He negotiated so much with the seller agent back and forth in ways that I would have never imagined. His strategy worked brilliantly and win the offer. Amar didn’t just stop there. He went on to talk with the lender during the escrow process and he was able to get us so much credit that really helped us with paying ZERO closing costs. This was a BIG thing and once again without Amar this wouldn’t have been possible. He also talked with the seller agent and managed to get us as much credit as possible. In short, Amar is the BEST REALTOR in Bay area.

I would strongly recommend Amar and his team to anyone who is looking to find their beautiful house. I can guarantee that he and his team will work tirelessly and proactively at each and every step of the process.

January 27, 2015, Balakumar was Amar’s client
Daniel Grier-Roddy
Operations Lead at Google

Amar was a superb agent, providing us with tremendous service through his expertise and support in successfully buying our dream home. We were in a hot area and the house had a lot of interest, so we weren’t sure whether we would be able to get it. Amar helped define a winning strategy, then executed against it while still making sure that all of the details were covered. He provided the best possible negotiation, saving on closing costs and including lots of personal property.

His personal investment in our success was obvious, as he went out of his way to connect with the seller and the seller’s agent, communicated with us after hours many times, and supported us throughout the closing process with his time and coordination with his network of experts getting us through the loan approval, closing, and escrow details. His personal touch was a huge relief and made the process as stress-free as possible. We were able to get a tremendous amount of things done quickly and he had perfect execution during the whirlwind of activities.

December 15, 2014, Daniel was Amar’s client
Purva Jain
Software Engineer DW/BI at Veeva Systems

We were so lucky to be working with Amar Amarnath.Having worked with other realtors in the past,

Amar not only guided us through our most recent home purchase but also provided helpful insight and

industry know-how.

He went above and beyond by accommodating our hectic schedules, responded in a timely manner, and

overall was highly professional and attentive.

He is very well-connected and has a very professional team and we had such a pleasant and positive

overall experience working with Amar. He had many contacts with Insurance officers, Loan Officers who

have directly worked with him in the past and are very trust worthy. This helped us in saving a lot of time

in shopping around for good deals.

While placing offers also, being first time home buyers we were very nervous about few terms in the

offers but Amar explained us every thing in a very calm and composed way. We use to call him for every

small and silly question in the beginning but he handled us in a very professional manner.

Amar was on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as

smooth as possible.His follow ups during the close of escrow were so quick and accurate to get things

done on time.

Amar has very good communication and negotiation skills so it was easy for us to communicate with the

Sellers and Seller’s Agent in a very amicably manner.

We absolutely plan to work with him again and would recommend him for home buyers!

December 6, 2014, Purva was Amar’s client
Thiagu S
Independent Information Technology and Services Professional

“WOW!!, Amar has incredible capabilities to close the deal. Saved lot of money for us. We saw the house on Sunday Open house and he finished deals in 3 days within our budget on tough competitive market. Even after closing, he got us some appliances which were not part of the disclosures.


We wanted to thank you for your professionalism and understanding our requirements. We feel that the selection of you and your real estate firm helped us buying our new house for the best price in a timely manner and it is a great compliment for us. You were most helpful and treated with the utmost professionalism.

In summation, we are very happy with the service you provided, dedicated to doing a very good job and your efforts are sincerely appreciated.”

November 19, 2014, Thiagu was Amar’s client
Ajith Sagarwala
Manager at Apple

As first-time home buyers in the bay area, we were really not sure what to expect about the buying process, but Amar made it easy. Within few weeks of meeting him, we found a property that was perfect for us – a property that already had received multiple offers including cash offers.

I wasn’t sure we had a chance, but Amar told me not to worry. We talked through our strategy and he spent that night working up a winning offer he submitted the next morning. Amar is responsive, professional, caring, smart, and has forged great relationships in the industry. He went above and beyond the call of duty to help us.

Amar has incredible knowledge of the local market and has an amazing ability to deal with agents from initial offer to closing. Even if the market was very competitive, he helped us make offers that were in our budget but still competitive.

Our experience with Amar – while professional – was also very personal, we got to learn about Amar, his family and likewise he got to know us. Words CANNOT describe how superb Amar is – as a professional realtor that deliver top-notch world class service!

He was almost always available & took great care in all the paperwork and negotiation and was a great advocate for us. I highly recommend calling Amar if you’re looking for someone to help guide you through the process, address your concerns, and help you seal the deal in this very competitive housing market.

I’d give Amar a Billion stars if it were Possible—I can’t imagine buying this house without Amar. We had a beautiful experience buying our first home with him,. If you are trying to find a good agent, look no further !

October 22, 2014, Ajith was Amar’s client
Avinash Gill
Scientific Manager at Genentech

Amar helped us with our home purchase in the Bay area. He is well versed with real estate buying/selling skills, and was helpful with sound advice and good strategies on how to move forward with successfully completing our home purchase. His team helped us to close the deal in a short period of time, and he helped out by taking care of many things in the background. Anyone who uses Amar as a real estate agent will be doing themselves a favor.

October 9, 2014, Avinash was Amar’s client
 Sayali Kadam
Sr Software Engineer at LinkedIn

Amar is able, hardworking and dedicated realtor who is ready to go to any extent to help his clients. He helped us buy our new house which had 7 offers including cash offer of $10K more than ours. Amar gave us an opportunity to witness the offer presentation with the home owner. He is very good at presenting the offer and has great negotiation and convincing skills. We were first time home buyers and Amar and his team worked round the clock to close the deal in 21 days. Team Amar helped us through the whole process and made our home buying experience very pleasant.

October 8, 2014, Sayali was Amar’s client
Prakash Ramadass
Product Management at Silver Spring Networks.

It is with great pleasure and honor that we write this recommendation for Amar Amaranth, THE Realtor and share our unique buying experience with AMAR extraordinary standard of “Excellency in Service” that truly defines “E=MC2” Service. AMAR is ONE STOP Shop for your real estate needs. Period! I’m NOT a first time home buyer and have had worked with many agents in the past. Trust me and you look no further. Bottom line summary for you- AMAR got us a deal on the first day we MET in Person, AMAR saved us over 75K with fire sure negotiation , MANAGED to close the deal BEFORE open House in a most competitive and highly desired Mission San Jose District. Have you worked with Realtor who stayed up until 1AM for a client needs and work around the clock next day to close the deal?. Sounds unbelievable right? BUT it’s true…

Let me start with this first- AMAR is truly a “GODSEND” for us. We were emotionally drained out in the first 2 weeks of trying to buy a home in challenging market with aggressive buyers. I reached out Amar in desperate personal situation having only 3 weeks left to buy a home. On My first phone call with Amar, I started with do you accept this challenge? 3 weeks only, Mission San Jose neighbourhood only, Fixed budget range. Can you work with me?. He said Yes and I told him “you don’t have to explain who you are and I have done my homework researching on you – saying that I’ve literally spent over 2 hours reading all your client feedbacks. If there is ANYONE that can do this job, it has to be YOU. And He PROVED it that I was right in mere 5 days. From that first phone call and three days later I personally met Amar first time in person and the next following day he managed to close a deal AND saved US over 75K which is something not everyone can do.

It is hard to find someone like AMAR who genuinely care about his client needs and protect your interest in every way possible. Amar recommendations were very best in the field, from insurance to inspection, warranty that saved lot of money in the process. His advice and guidance through this process was invaluable. His attention to detail, knowledge of the market and “Relax… We will guide you THE ENTIRE PROCESS “approach was something unique that we have experienced with.

Amar is simply THE BEST. A true commitment for lifetime is what you get from Amar. No Realtor will work and provide an excellent service and continue to support your needs in the way that Amar did because sometimes even via email, phone call just the communication itself, we felt that he was working just for us AND thinking that he is doing this for over such a long time speaks volumes about Amar’s commitment towards his clients. We can’t imagine going through this process with anyone but him. I have no doubt in my mind, if you buy or sell property in Bay Area and not using AMAR then you are missing something for sure.

October 7, 2014, Prakash was Amar’s client
shridhara K
GPS/Embedded/DSP engineer

Recently, when we started looking for homes to buy, we found it is necessary to get the help of a good real estate agent. we looked at the profiles of a number of real estate agents in zillow and also consulted recent home buyers. We even contacted some of them and started receiving lists of homes for sale in south bay area. Apart from the listed price, location and some other details which are already available in various web sites, we could not get any real help. That is when we saw Mr. Amarnath’s profile. The large number of homes he sold in the past year and good reviews in various web sites impressed us. We immediately contacted him and the positive approach in his conversation confirmed his superior ability. Further, he started highlighting the advantage and drawbacks of the homes previously selected by us. As per his advice, we have to remove some houses from my favorite list. Later, we realized he is absolutely correct as those houses are not finding buyers even today since they had some hidden problems which only an expert Realtor knows. We think this quality of Amarnath makes him stand apart from other Realtor.
Things started rolling fast when Amar and his team entered our home search. He and his team was always happy and ready to show houses for us. Simultaneously, Amar arranged for loan approval at a low rate of interest. Actually, we got many loan offers but this was the lowest rate. Amar’s team worked during weekend and late nights to get a quick loan approval.
Finally, when decided on our dream home, Amar took no time to visit and make an appraisal of the home and submitted the bid immediately. There was many bidders and some of the bids exceeding ours by as much as 50K. But Amar took no chance and directly talked with the sellers agent and the seller and highlighted superior nature of our offer. Amar convinced them how our offer as whole package better than a mere highest bid. He also brought in his broker into the picture to highlight our case. These are only some of the several strategies used by Amar as a part of his superior execution style which finally enabled us to own our dream home with a lower bid !.
Winning the bid under multiple offers is not the only area Amar excelled. Afterwords, he guided us on all aspects of the next steps in the process such as escrow and deal closing without any last minute surprises. We realized later that the seller paid many of our fees because of the tactful negotiation by Amar. Meanwhile, his team was able to get us a home insurance at super low premium. We never expected the signing and closing of the escrow will be so smooth and hassle free.
All this is because of Amar’s dynamic leadership and staying on the top of every activity that a home buying process involves.We could have purchased our dream home long ago, if we met Amar earlier. We appreciate his and his teams ability to help others and so wish them success in all his future endeavors.
– Shridhara and Mala

October 7, 2014, shridhara was Amar’s client
Surendra Chakkirala
Staff Engineer at Qualcomm

Amar and his team did an excellent job in getting us the home we liked.
It was a multiple offer situation and Amar negotiated best deal at 5K lower than highest offer.Amar with his contacts and negotiation saved us couple more thousands during closing.
Amar has a strong team that worked closely and round the clock. This helped winning the property in hot market. Amar was on top of all processes and guided us through the steps very well and kept us well informed all the time.
He co-ordinated with the bank and the title company and ensured loan closing happened seamlessly.
I would highly recommend Amar and his team to anyone Home buying/selling.

October 7, 2014, Surendra was Amar’s client
Anurag Dikshit

We were new home-buyers and expected to purchase in a few months.

Process had been pretty swift and we were able to close-out the deal close to two months of time.

Amar had been prompt in responding and assisting. The interactive property search website was easy to browse and had better details than other websites in the internet.

Request to view property were timely. e-document signing process during bidding & contracts was organized and had been a BIG time-saver.

It is better that buyer does some home-work and be prompt in making various decisions. In spite of that we did some self-study, there were times we might have been getting off-track. Amar and his team were prompt to keep us on the right track based on their extensive bay-area real-estate experience and prevailing market-demands.

Besides home-buying, escrow signing process, Amar’s team also recommends competitive bank loans, home insurance and home-warranty at the right time.If needed, any recommendation could also be provided for the property-repairs.

Overall discussion process has been prompt, clear, direct, friendly and polite. Not only above-state reasons, Amar also offers genuine advice to buyers for building long-term real-estate portfolio. I highly recommend potential buyers to choose Amar’s team for real-estate services.

September 27, 2014, Anurag was Amar’s client
Mukesh Jyothi
Technical Lead at Blackhawk Network

It was indeed a great pleasure to work with such a smart and talented realtor that was Amar. Right from the first moment I talked to him I was convinced that I was dealing with someone who was highly confident and knew in and out of the real estate business.

I was a first time homebuyer with absolutely no idea about where to start. Amar guided me through the basics of how to go about buying a home. He wanted to make sure that my expectations were realistic and did not end up making a mistake. Amar introduced me to a lending agent who sat down with me in person to work out my financials. I am very thankful to Amar.

Once the financials were in place and I was ready to look for a home, Amar played a role which was very helpful yet not very invasive. Once the property that I liked, I would inform him and he and his team would then do the groundwork and make sure that the home will satisfy my expectations. Amar then prepares a very strategic plan on putting forth an offer that gave me the highest chances of winning the home. Each step of the way from identifying the home, putting the offer, contract process and the financial aspect, Amar and his team were extremely professional and helpful.

Amar personally was even able to arrange a discount for me with the lender. In several key areas where I needed advice Amar was quick to point me in the right direction. I don’t have any hesitation in recommending Amar to anyone who is thinking of buying a home in the bay area. Amar and his dedicated team of professionals will leave no stone unturned until you are settled in the home of your dreams.

September 21, 2014, Mukesh was Amar’s client
 Naveen Bachkethi
QA Lead at Intel( Intel Security Group)

I started my home search around 9 months ago and today after a long struggle and putting around 10 offers finally I own a house.

This journey could have been much smoother and fun if I would have met “Amarrath” at the starting of it. Nine months ago when I started the house search with my first agent (Not Amar), it looked like driving an uphill without any driving experience.

Experience with my first agent was a nightmare, there was a very little information that my first agent would have about the properties that I would like to see, no grip or very little grip on the market, no team, just standalone. I put continuously 9 unsuccessful offers with him but never got any of them and things went beyond the limit when in a house we put 700K and the house was finally sold in 685K but we did not the house and the comments about my old agent from the listing agent was “where did you got this agent”, That point I understood the importance of real estate agent. It’s not the highest bid you put in market, it’s not highest credit score, but it is the strong real estate agent that gets you the deal, and with my experience I can tell that Amar is THE ONE, who can get you anything you like.

My journey started with Amar after getting introduced through one of my friend and he told lot of good things about Amar, but with my experience with my previous agent was not that comfortable, so did not wanted to jump so did a lot of study on looking at Amar’s LinkedIn profile which was having lot of +ve reviews, so decided to go with him, today sitting in my new house, I feel very fortunate that I met Amar. The 1st offer that was put through AMAR was readily accepted and within 2 weeks AMAR closed the deal, it gave me an extreme piece of mind and a respect and a tremendous confidence for the man (AMAR) and his team. I referred one of my friends to AMAR and there also Amar proved that he is the best, there also his first offer was accepted.

Amar has connections, respect in market and a team which will get you the house with best price.

He has a team starting from loan officer to the closing escrow connections which makes your transaction flawless.
I can say a lot about Amar’s capabilities but here is a list which tells how he helped me:

1. The Best deal negotiation by ALL possible means
2. Perfect execution of the process.
3. Winning property in hot market with right strategy.
4. Personally involved in ALL areas (Appraisal, Loan, Escrow process, and closing)
5. Co-ordination and engagement with WFC and Escrow to ensure loan closing
6. Collaboration in informed decision making
7. Entire process guidance throughout Home BUYING PROCESS.
8. Staying on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.

I strongly recommend Amar for any real estate needs.

August 24, 2014, Naveen was Amar’s client
yerram swathi
assistant professor at svit

Amar Amarnath is an excellent agent and has immense knowledge and experience in the real estate. He is one of the top 5 agents of Keller Williams Realty (Over 100,000 agents) which speaks volumes about the service you can expect from him. Amar understands what it takes in getting the client their dream home by working according to clients requirements, tastes and preferences. He is not just a great agent but a good human being with strong ethical values.

Amar has a special knack of presenting the offer in the best possible way and goes an extra mile to get the offer picked up through various methods using his PR skills which I don’t think any other agent does. This I say is the most important factor which makes things happen for you even in the Sellers’ market. He is very prompt in responding to the calls/emails and is accessible even during the off hours if need be. We personally have talked to him many times after 9 PM as there was a need to discuss some important things before presenting the offer.

Amar does a comprehensive study of the houses in the neighborhood sold in the past 3 months and does a thorough comparisons to evaluate the offer price for the home and thus does ‘not overprice the home than it is valuation. He emails you the reports and the comparative study of the homes sold so that we also know prevailing market rates which helps you to decide the actual market value of the home and the price to offer.

My recommendation to all the home buyers out there is that you will be lucky if Amar agrees to represent you. Trust him completely, relax and enjoy the ride that will be a GREAT home buying experience.Most importantly, the way Amar handled the whole buying process by going above and beyond is one of the greatest memory forever.He was always honest and gave great advice,We got our dream home within a short span of time with the help of AMAR.

We can describe our experience with Amar in single word “Superb!”

Amar’s logo E = MC² is a true representation of his service.

Right House+Right Price+Right Time= AMAR.

August 6, 2014, yerram was Amar’s client
Sheila Mani
Finance Manager

In Feb 2014, through a reference from a Mortgage Banker at Wells Fargo (Gezal Nawabi) walked into our lives Amar Amarnath and his teammate, Alicia Sandoval.After the very first conversation we had with Amar over the phone, we sensed that we had made the right choice. To quote Amar’s first words to us “don’t worry, we will put you in your new home by June”. Time was eventually going to tell us how true his words were!

Amar and Alicia came to our home on a Sunday. Their approach to the home buying process was so scientific and methodical. They took the time and patience to understand our requirements and with their vast experience, gave us valuable feedback about what we were doing wrong. Within 2 hours they streamlined our search area in the East Bay, which brought the much needed clarity to our home buying process.

After several Open House visits, we finally came across a beautiful home in the Irvington school district. We made a very competitive offer. Amar and Alicia displayed their experience and negotiation skills while presenting our offer. Amar worked quickly to channelize all his resources and influence (to the extent of getting the Managing Director of the Brokerage House to send an email on our behalf to win the bid). It was heartening to watch Amar work so selflessly for us.They truly cared about getting us a home and it was not just a Business for them.

We lost the home by a miniscule $$. It hurt all of us very badly. Amar and Alicia, who had now become family to us, would call and email us every day to console and give us hope again proving to us that they were more than just Real Estate Agents.They genuinely care for their clients. Amar and Alicia would always say to us “Good things happen to good people and the right home is just around the corner”.

In May 2014, a beautiful home came up in the same Irvington community. Amar and Alicia worked relentlessly with so much passion to get us the advantage on this home. They stayed up till 1:00am in the early hours of the morning presenting our case favorably to the Listing agent and the Sellers. It was touching to watch them work so genuinely hard for us. Finally at 1:00am on June 3rd, 2014, we got a message saying we had won the bid after competing against 17 OFFERS which included an all Cash offer. Amar’s brilliant negotiation skills won us the home without having to overpay in a highly competitive cut throat bid war.

Amar and his team continued to amaze us during the closing process when he told us “now just relax and enjoy,we will take care of everything”. His team took care of everything -Escrow, Insurance, Warranty. We closed Escrow in a record 21 days. All other paperwork and documentation was completed to perfection by this wonderful team.

We are overwhelmed and filled with gratitude to Amar and his team. To every person out there looking for a home, this is THE ONLY TEAM you should work with.

Samanyu, Sheila & Sathya

July 30, 2014, Sheila was Amar’s client
Ayesha Ahmed
Sr. Business Analyst at Apple

I was introduced to Amar by one of my very good collegue and friend. I was looking to buy but didn’t know anything about the real estate market or how to go about buying a house. After our intial conversations, I met with Amar and he asked me if I can trust him and I said yes. Looking back, I realized that trust is such an important part of this whole process and having the right person that is guiding you thru it is extremely critical.

Honestly, Amar made the whole homebuying process too easy. He told me through out the process to not worry and to keep faith. I kept asking him if things were ok and he kept saying ‘ Don’t worry.. the house is yours! ‘. He went up and beyond what he said he would do and I’m truly appreciative and grateful for that. The whole team working with him are solid rockstars who really care about Amar and his clients.

I feel so blessed to have met him and get his help in acquiring the house of my dreams. No one believes that I was able to purchase a house so quickly and with so much ease. THANK YOU AMAR!!!!

July 23, 2014, Ayesha was Amar’s client
Justin Ezell
Director of Public Works

When I first contacted Amar to sell my home I immediately had confidence in him. Amar did not let me down; he was personally involved with all aspects of the sale of my home, kept me informed during the process and provided me with excellent advice. The most comforting thing about Amar was that he was always available. He kept me feeling assured and stress-free. I would highly recommend Amar as an agent.

July 11, 2014, Justin was Amar’s client
Rao Tallapragada
President, Infoyogi LLC

“I have dealt with Amar for my home buying. He is very friendly, and helpful in the transaction. He helped in negotiating and getting us the best price. I would be glad to recommend him to others”.

July 8, 2014, Rao was Amar’s client
Abhay Damle, CPA, CFE
Senior Manager, Technical Accounting at SOAProjects

Being first time home-buyers and bidding on the first house we were completely clueless about the entire process. Amar, personally sat down with us and took the time to explain the whole process in detail. He was always available to answer any questions. By coming up with the right strategy and following it up with perfect execution, Amar helped us get the best possible deal in today’s hot property market. Amar, even co-ordinated with the loan and escrow officers to ensure that the loan closed on time with no last minute surprises. Amar was on top of all the activities during the entire process. Thanks Amar for making our home buying experience a pleasurable one!! I will definitely recommend any of my friends to work with Amar in their home buying process.

July 7, 2014, Abhay was Amar’s client
Ajay Khandelwal
Manager, Discovery & Personalization Analytics at Netflix

From the day we chose Amar as our Realtor it was smooth sailing. I have heard so many horror stories about home buying process, and was very concerned about it. The day we decided to choose Amar and started the journey, all those worries were alleviated.
We were a first time Homebuyer and were looking for a house in Fremont for some time and then we met Amar. We had a wonderful experience working with Amar. He put together a very nice well-documented offer that seller was not able to overlook. Our offer was selected, even though our offer was not the highest one. He has great knowledge about the market and individual areas. He made sure that we don’t overpay anything than what we need to get the house. He also negotiated with seller’s agent on lots of finer points to get the best deal for us in every aspect.

After the offer was accepted, his experienced closing team took over. Every detail got taken care of. He was involved behind the scenes working with the loan officer as well as escrow smoothing everything over and making sure it was all on schedule. He worked with the financial organization to get us some rebate and save us money during the loan and closing process.

Amar has an excellent team (finance, home warranty, insurance etc.). Everyone on his team is a superstar. All of them are so approachable and patient. I am sure, I have asked same questions multiple times (sign of a first time home buyer), and every time Amar and his team has explained it to me in same detail with same enthusiasm. There was never a sign of frustration. Amar himself has those qualities in abundance and the same is true for his team.
Thank you so much Amar for all your hard work and dedication throughout the process and we are extremely happy with your service. I’d gladly recommend Amar to any of my friends, colleagues, and relatives and will definitely engage him for any future Home Buying/Selling.

June 23, 2014, Ajay was Amar’s client
Krishna Mallina
Senior Technology Leader specializing in ERP implementations/upgrades, M&A integrations and IT Strategy

When I first approached Amar, he came across as conservative on pricing our home. He explained his credentials and clientele to me and was very open and honest about what to expect in the entire process. I was a little skeptic in selecting him as my realtor but, when I checked one of his referrals, they had nothing but positive things to say of him. He personally visited the property and came back with revised pricing based on the condition of the property that is more in line with our expectations!

My concerns were alleviated and I have signed Amar to be my realtor in helping us sell our first home. He personally visited the property, took initiative in working with tough renters and maintained composure throughout the process. He was very professional throughout and his marketing skills are very commendable. He was able to procure interest on the property even before the property got listed to the public.

Amar was able to procure multiple offers and negotiated potential offer to maximum price point which is well above our expectations. My home sold for highest price ever sold in the complex for the record price. We were very happy with Amar’s services and the escrow company he has engaged to help us. Overall, our experience is nothing short of amazing with Amar. He is very meticulous, professional and dedicated at what he does.

June 16, 2014, Krishna was Amar’s client
Jitendra Malviya
Staff Test Engineer at LinkedIn

Its truly awesome feeling, “Sitting at home and remembering my home buying experience, I feel lucky to have Amar and his team as my Realtors.
With Amar’s expert help and guidance, I got my dream house in 2 week and closed complete home buying process in 15 days. It couldn’t be possible if its not Amar.

Amar got personally involved in all stages of this process as I am first time home buyer. He and his team explained each and every thing to make me comfortable, happy and be aware.

Right from the beginning of house search, Amar gave us an impression of being more than being just a Realtor and was always available when I was in need for his guidance/help. Amar had right strategy and perfect execution throughout the process. Amar always on Top of things to make sure smooth transaction.

Thanks much for helping and getting this house for my family. With all your help & guidance I got peace of mind. I am so glad to recommend your work and excellent service to any one.

June 10, 2014, Jitendra was Amar’s clientMoninder Jheeta
Director of Engineering at GoDaddy

From the day I emailed Amar to the day the county registered me as the owner of record took only 7 weeks! We found a home that I liked in one weekend of open houses, and he made sure that our first (and only) offer got accepted. I was in a somewhat desperate situation given the extreme sellers market in SF and a short relocation time frame and so was willing to overpay to get a house, but Amar wouldn’t hear of it. Even though I authorized him to go way above the list price, he negotiated as if it was his own money he was spending, and made an offer that was substantially lower than what I authorized. There were at least 10 offers on the home, and the sellers agent had made counters to 5 buyers. Because of the competition, I asked him numerous times during the offer process if our offer was really going to be high enough. But he explained his offer-counteroffer strategy to me, it paid off, and we ended up getting the house for 50K under my max price. Just trust Amar, he will not pay a dime extra than he needs to in order to get the home.

After the offer was accepted, his experienced, well-oiled closing team took over. Every detail got taken care of. He was involved behind the scenes working with the loan officer as well as escrow smoothing everything over and making sure it was all on schedule. I just kept sending them whatever documents they wanted, and we were ready to sign the closing documents in 3 weeks.

In addition to all this, Amar is responsive on the phone, email, or text, far beyond the call of duty. If there are any questions you might have, as long as he is awake, he is available to talk.

So for anybody who might have questions about Amar, I can tell you this – he is the real deal, and will be super committed to getting the job done for you. Shoot him an email, and then relax, because you will have just made the best decision of your real estate search. There is virtually a near certainty that shortly, you will be the owner of exactly the home you want.

May 31, 2014, Moninder was Amar’s client
Jasvinder Singh
Sr. Technical Consultant, Professional Services at Yodlee

In today’s crazy market where all houses are going above listing price, it is really tough to get a home of your choice. In such a tough market, it is crucial to have right agent with good contacts. Amar is super-agent. He knows and understands his buyers and their needs very well.

We were first time home buyers and were looking for a house in Fremont for over a year and then we met Amar. We had a wonderful experience working with Amar. He put together a very nice well written offer that seller was not able to overlook and our offer was selected without any counter offer, even though our offer was not the highest one.

Once our offer was accepted, Amar made sure that he was involved in all processes i.e. appraisal, Loan, Escrow process and made sure that we had all necessary documents in place for closing. Amar worked very closely with the loan officers to make sure that the whole loan process is smooth and easy. He even suggested us with various Loan options. He had very professional and efficient team and always stayed on top of all things. More importantly, he was very proactive and responded back to every email and phone message. He worked really hard and was able to recover few thousand from seller and lender towards our closing cost. He was very instrumental in convincing seller to leave refrigerator, washer and dryer (worth 4k) as a departing gift. We really liked his strategy towards the whole process, he never left anything to chance and he always had solution to all our issues.

Amar’s professional and efficient handling of all aspects of the home buying process made it possible for us to buy a house in the Bay Area. I’d definitely recommend Amar’s services to anyone looking to buying a home in the Bay Area.

I hope you will be able to help lot many other first time home buyers in future with your kind and helpful attitude.

Thanks and Regards,

Jasvinder Singh

April 28, 2014, Jasvinder was Amar’s client
Sagar Gunniguntla
Business Development Manager (Mobile Computing) at Qualcomm

Our home buy was only possible due to Amar’s diligence, network with banking/realtors/related services & keen market sense!! Cupertino is a competitive realty market & kudos to him in making it happen end to end! – from putting together creative offer package with the right price (not just max $, & less than our max budget), negotiating with the listing agents to understand sellers interests (late night on one instance), to helping with bank loan (you personally helped get us $2K credit), closing, home warranty… etc. Speaking for my wife & I – we love working with you & we know we can approach you anytime… To us, you are a great friend, beyond just a realtor. Our experience with you has been excellent & we would recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat!!!

April 22, 2014, Sagar was Amar’s client
Sayali Mane
Software Engineer at Cisco Systems

When buying a house there are so many things you have to think of…. good community, close to work, good school rating and above all GOOD PRICE!! When we decided to buy a house, we kind of knew our requirements but we wanted an EXPERT who can walk us through the whole process. The moment we met Amar, we realized that he is the one with whom we can discuss it thoroughly.

We always liked new Home constructions and we ended up buying one. Amar played his role perfectly as our Realtor.
Amar negotiated so well with builder’s agent and got us very good deal. During his surfire negotiation process, Amar saved us over 30K to the bottom line. Amar has THE BEST TEAM which helped us in easing the Home buying process.

To Summarize, I would say, it was pleasure to have Amar as our Realtor.”

April 7, 2014, Sayali was Amar’s client
Pallavi MannarMannan
Firmware Engineer at Trimble

Amar is one of the best Realtors out there. When we first met Amar, he explained his approach and value. Amar stood by it the entire time. The very next week we saw a place we liked very much and Amar was happy to take it to the next step. The house we put the offer on, received many offers above ours, and also cash offers. Amar negotiated with seller on why we would be the perfect owners for the place, and sold the sellers on our offer.

Amar has a great team who are very helpful as well in every step of the way, making it smooth process. To be honest, because of their efforts this didn’t feel like a first time home purchase at all. It felt so smooth and efficient till the end. The entire process completed within a month. In todays market, it’s not that easy at all to get a Home in such a short time. Amar and his team made it happen for us. The results speaks for itself.

April 5, 2014, Pallavi was Amar’s client
Nithya Ramanathan
Senior Software Engineer at Symantec

We were looking for a Realtor to help us in our Home buying process. I’m so glad we found Amar on LinkedIn. He and his associates helped and guided us throughout the whole process from house hunting to loan application and closing seemlessly.

Amar was highly committed, professional and co-ordinated every phase, so we did not have to worry about deadlines. With his great team and strong network, we were able to close on the Home we loved even in a multiple offer situation. Todays Real estate market, the quality of professional service and taking actions pro-actively matters a lot to produce exceptional results. Our Home buying experience was straightforward and highly satisfactory. I would happily recommend Amar to any of my friends looking to buy a Home.

March 28, 2014, Nithya was Amar’s client
Dani Abel Rayan
Co-Founder & CTO at CrowdChat

Amar is one of THE BEST Realtor we have worked with. His execution is fast and at same time flawless. He correctly executed a strategy and put a winning bid. This was our first ever bid in Bay area and we won it!. The outstanding results itself speaks volumes about his execution and strategy winning the deal in crazy multiple offers situation in Bay area.

Amar’s service goes beyond just winning the bid, he co-ordinated every step and engaged different stakeholders in timely manner to close the deal in the most efficient way. He has a great team of people who goes out of the way to provide exceptional service and guidance. He also managed get us a great savings in closing costs and very good interest rate without PMI.

I’d gladly recommend Amar to any of my friends/colleagues/relatives and will definitely engage him for any future Home Buying/Selling.

March 17, 2014, Dani was Amar’s client
Kishore Kumar(Scopus Consulting Group,Inc)
CEO / Entrepreneur – Scopus Consulting Group, Inc

We are not sure where to begin to share our experience of home buying made so easy and smooth by Mr. Amar. AMAR is one of THE BEST Realtor we have ever worked with. He guided us like a big brother and a good friend explaining all the aspects of home buying in this hot market in the neighborhood of Cupertino and Sunnyvale.

Amar saved us enormous amount of dollars (the amount we were willing pay above the listed price) in his collaboration process by going beyond call of duty and $8,000.00 recovery from the lender and seller. With his expert negotiations with seller and building relationship with seller agent, he made it possible for us to purchase the house below the listed price 3 days before the public open house, which we have never thought would be possible in this bidding war with multiple offers.

Amar personally involved in all areas like Appraisal, Loan, Escrow and closing process and guided us throughout Home buying process. Staying on top of every activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.

Right from the beginning of our home buying, Amar gave us an impression of being more than being just a Realtor and was always available when we needed his guidance answering all our questions and being more practical. He took personal interest and went beyond boundaries to get us loan from the bank.

Amar made it an extremely flawless experience – THE BEST we have seen in our experience. Amar did a thorough analysis and best strategy to win the offer.

Two Thumbs up and a big hug to you.
–Kishore Kumar

March 4, 2014, Kishore was Amar’s client
Manasa Rao Addepalli M.B.A, PMP
Experienced Software Professional, Program Manager

Choosing Amar as an Agent was the best decision we made. Selling home made easy , very professional in marketing, incredible assistance in paper work and Escrow process. We never felt pressured into selling the home which is something I have expected a realtor to do. More importantly, however, was the fact that he was incredibly pleasant to work with. He was always honest and gave great advice, very patient with us and NEVER condescending.

Amar is extremely responsive to any and all questions we had, and we can trust that he always has your best interest in mind. We truly felt that Amar prioritized our needs and desires first and that always came above what was best for us. One example is he genuinely helped us even to refinance.

Thanks to Amar for being there with us in the whole process. Amar very flexible, trust worthy and hardworking, and he will always be in your corner supporting. We recommend Amar to everyone who is in process of buying and selling the home.

February 12, 2014, Manasa Rao Addepalli was Amar’s client
Karthik Ramadoss
Program Manager at Cisco

Amar is definitely the best realtor I’ve worked with. He was very personable and has a deep knowledge of the Bay Area real estate market.

Amar established a very good relationship with the Selling Agent, which I think was the key to us getting the house.

Amar made the whole Home buying process seamless. He exceeded our expectations with his unmatched service and value proposition. I will definitely recommend Amar to my friends and colleagues for any Real estate guidance and help

January 23, 2014, Karthik was Amar’s client
Lakshmi Srinivasan
Sr. Manager, Quality & Environmental Management Systems at NetApp

AMAR is one of the best realtors I have worked with. Right from the beginning, Amar gave us an impression of being more than being just a realtor and was always available when we needed his guidance/help. This was the third house we were buying and he made it an extremely flawless experience – THE BEST we have seen in our experience. Amar did a thorough analysis and best strategy to win the offer. Amar has the uncanny knack of figuring out the seller’s mind and developing relationship with agents to win the offer.

In our case, Amar helped us get our house without getting into a bidding war by constructing an offer within record time. Amar saved around $29K to our bottom line as his direct contribution. Amar is very responsive and can be reached at almost any time.

Amar made the whole Home buying process seamless. He exceeded our expectations with his unmatched service and VALUE proposition. I will definitely recommend Amar to my friends and colleagues for any Real estate guidance and help.

January 9, 2014, Lakshmi was Amar’s client
Aravindh Baktha
Principal Architect at NVIDIA

I was relocating to Bay Area from Oregon and employed the services of Amar to buy a house in the Bay Area. I had about a month time to relocate to the Bay Area and didn’t have high expectations of buying a home in this short period of time.

I worked with Amar remotely to short list homes we were interested in and then visited the Bay Area over a weekend to tour homes. Amar did a great job coordinating the tour and showing us houses in all the neighborhoods of interest. Amar sought to understand our needs and made sure we only saw houses that met our constraints. He gave us his assessment of the homes we saw but never pressured us in to making an offer. When we were ready to make an offer he made sure we truly satisfied before he wrote up the offer. During this process Amar was more like a friend to us than a real estate agent.

Amar has a unconventional yet effective negotiating style. He his determined to get his client the best deal in all aspects on the home buying transaction. From negotiating the purchase price to getting the best deal in lending and closing costs and in working with the seller to complete issues identified during inspection, Amar’s commitment was unquestionable. Amar was engaged is all aspects of the buying process and ensured and that everything went smoothly through closing and beyond. Amar would follow up well after we’d moved in to our house to make sure things were going well. Again, Amar was more like a friend than a real estate agent.

Amar efficient handling of all aspects of the home buying process made it possible for me to buy a house in the Bay Area in less than a month. This was way beyond my expectation. I’d strongly recommend Amar’s services to anyone looking to buying a home in the Bay Area.

January 5, 2014, Aravindh was Amar’s client
Subra Venkatesh
Manager – Data Management and Analytics at PayPal

We have been looking for an ideal home for over an year and a half now . We met Amar 3 months back through one of our family friends and we just got the keys to our new house yesterday. There are several great things which I have seen and experienced in working with Amar.

– He has been very focused on sending us only listings which have been very relevant to us.
– He has an excellent network with builders and other realtors which helped in getting information before hand.
– His deep relationships and credibility with builders and lenders have helped us in getting deep discounts, free upgrades as well as very competitive rates.
– He has been a ONE STOP shop for us right from house hunt to finish (Lender, Home insurance, Home warranty and others).
– He has helped us not just as a realtor but also helped us in making the right decisions by presenting clear facts, when we were undecided at times.
– He gave us ample time to make thoughtful decisions and never hurried or pressurized us into making quick decisions.
– His negotiation skills, guidance, and his team bar none.
– He is available ALL the time over the phone or email or personnel meetings.
– He stay on top of every process to give THE BEST home buying experience.

I would definitely recommend him anytime for any real estate needs. Thank You and Awesome job Amar!!!

November 21, 2013, Subra was Amar’s client
Umesh Chandwani
Technical Solutions Manager-Mobile Advertising – AdMarvel

Our home buying experience with Amar was excellent and here is why,

Initial Meeting
Within a few days of us contacting him, Amar came by our house to discuss what we were looking for with respect to buying a house. He spent a lot of time with us to understand what we were looking for in a house (budget, location, size, etc.). He also gave us a professional perspective on various different aspects such as financial requirements and the importance of a good school district. These helped us narrow down our search and save us time.

House Hunting – Visiting Non-Open Houses
Amar was very proactive in showing us properties that were on the market but not open for viewing. Once Amar even came down to Sunnyvale between 8 and 9 pm to show us a property that only had realtor access.

Home Buying Strategy
Since we are first time buyers and new to the real estate market we relied quite heavily on Amar on how we should proceed. We bid on a property which is not on the market but there were issues such as extended renter occupancy period because of which the deals did not go through. There were some other properties we were interested that had below average schools but Amar encouraged us to stay focused on good schools and location (within budget). In hindsight, we are glad we did that.

There was a property we were very keen on but were not sure it would fit our budget given that there was so much over bidding going on. We talked to Amar about it and he moved quite swiftly. Amar setup a lunch appointment with the listing agent and developed a good relationship before even making offer. He was able to get valuable information and helped make our bid the winning bid with the right strategy. In the process, Amar also ensured that the sellers paid their fair share of the fees (home warranty, title insurance, other fees..etc.). He rebuffed any attempt on their part to get some rent-back and ensured that appliances were included as a part of the sale. Amar extremely good at negotiations and execution of tasks by staying on top of every task in the home buying process.

Escrow and Beyond
Amar was there with us throughout the escrow process (even during signing), coordinating between the Escrow Company, seller’s agent and our lending institution. He ensured that everything moved along at an even clip.


Amar is completely committed to his clients goals and goes above and beyond call of duty to make things happen, thank you Amar for everything.

October 30, 2013, Umesh was Amar’s client
Kishan Singh
Director, &

We can describe our experience with Amar in single word “Superb!” This was our first home-buying experience and we have been looking for a good home for almost 6 months before we met Amar. The earlier agent could not close the deal even after putting multiple offers above the asking price and it was becoming a frustrating experience for us.
Since day one, Amar was very engaged in every step of the process. He quickly understood our requirements around good school district, location of the home, price point, and big one was to be with vastu compliant for certain aspects. He engaged our whole family including our kids to understand everyone’s requirements and individual’s expectations from new home. One think we like about Amar is that he always puts himself in buyer’s shoes and evaluates like he is buying his own home.
We found our dream home within a short span of time and that too within our price point. His patented style of putting winning offer, meticulous negotiation skills, and pro-active approach helped us closing the deal in this crazy seller’s market. He didn’t only help us getting the home but was personally involved in ALL areas including Appraisal, Inspection, Load processing, Escrow, and Closing processes. He uses his project management skills to develop a very well thought strategy and execution plan. He always stayed on top of everything, sometime a step ahead, to make sure that we move to our new home on time (before school opens). He took care of many items while we were away in India. We never bothered about anything other than signing the papers as we knew that Amar will take care of everything  He also took extra time to follow up with us to make sure that we have settled well in new home.
Amar’s key strengths are developing relationships with seller’s agents, negotiation skills, and his extensive knowledge about market are priceless. Getting a home at the best possible price was quite tough in this competitive market and Amar has exceeded our expectations doing that for us. Amar’s logo E = MC² is a true representation of his service and he delivers 110% to justify it! We are very happy with our decision to choose Amar to represent us in our home buying process and we would certainly recommend him to anyone and everyone.
A Very Big Thanks Amar…..

October 30, 2013, Kishan was Amar’s client
Vishwanatha Bhat
Manager at GoPro

Amr and his team did a great job in my home buying experience. He is trustworthy and very knowledgable in the bay area real estate and has very good team of professionals to help us in all the steps if home buying.

October 25, 2013, Vishwanatha was Amar’s client
Divakar Karavadi
Release Manager at Delta Dental

Just awesome! Enthusiastic, friendly, expert, go-getter, responsive, passionate, and a clear vision – the first few words that come to my mind as I’m writing my review for Amar.

For a first time home buyer and someone that worries about things even when there is nothing to worry about, my mind was always at ease working with Amar. Any questions I had were answered in a matter of minutes. I got my dream home in just one month’s time after I started working with Amar. Honestly, in the One month working with Amar to find the perfect place for me I never waited any longer than 5 minutes for a response to an email or a phone call, it’s bizarre really! No where do you find that level of clients service these days. You literally feel like you are the only person he is working with to help find a home. If you use Amar and his team you will not be disappointed, actually, you will likely feel more at ease knowing that he is working for you. The whole team has a level of professionalism that is unparalleled. Amar’s logo E = MC² is a true representation of Amar’s service.

Amar’s key strengths are developing relationships with agents, sure-fire negotiations, and right guidance throughout the home buying process which is priceless. In our collaboration process by going beyond call of duty Amar saved us over 14K PLUS 9K below List price instead of over bidding. Amar staying on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.

I can say one word that says everything about Amar’s service !! Excellente !!! Mucho Gracias !!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

October 24, 2013, Divakar was Amar’s client
Kalyan Chanda
Sr Software Engineer in Test at Omnicell Inc

We are first time home buyers and have been looking for a home for a while. As with most home buyers, our selection criteria was good community, school district, proximity to work and price point. Given the competitive housing market, we wanted a great agent who could understand our requirement, area we were looking in and also navigate us through the home buying process. That is when we found Amar. When we met him the first time, we knew he clearly understood our requirement and the housing market. A unique characteristic of Amar is that he envisions himself as the buyer and treats the transaction as if it were his own home.

Once we found a house that matched our criteria, Amar wasted absolutely no time in formulating and presenting a winning offer before any bidding wars erupted. Overall, Amar strategy and spellbound negotiation skills got us the house and also saved us money on the closing costs. He also guided us through the closing process to make sure it went as smoothly as possible.

Getting a home at the best possible price is quite tough in this competitive market and Amar has exceeded our expectations doing that for us. We are very happy with our decision to choose Amar to represent us in our home buying process and we certainly recommend him without reservations.

October 17, 2013, Kalyan was Amar’s client
Ankala Shreekant
Lead Architect at VMware Inc.

Amar, it was truly a great experience buying my first home with you. You have been most helpful through out the process. Being a first time home buyer in this market, it was essential for me to understand the various nuances at various steps in the process and you have been the ultimate guide for me all along. From the moment we decided to buy a home just a couple of days before meeting you till the day we got the keys to our current home, the process was so quick that we were living in our new home before we even realized. Everything happened with in 6 weeks of meeting you.

Your expertise in finding us the right home, negotiating the right deal (savings over 40K in price, upgrades, closing cost), and helping us with a great loan program was exceptional. We feel that you are best agent when it comes to helping first time buyers. Your insights in all the areas helped us a great deal

October 15, 2013, Ankala was Amar’s client
Pradip Kar
Software Developer at Xilinx Inc

One fine day, Amar showed us a house in our preferred zip code. The moment we saw the house, we really liked it and desperately wanted it as it was meeting all my specifications and requirements. However, in the next moment, I realized that I am not the only buyer in this market. The house we liked is also liked by many buyers as it is a nice house. All the buyers have to go through the next stressful step which is bidding process.

I want to share how amazing is Amar as a Realtor who was able to close the deal within a record time and without entering to the bidding war. In our neighborhood, the single family houses usually sold for at least 100K more than the offered price. Therefore, I came up with my offer price which is 66K more than the list price. However, Amar gave us the pleasant surprise just after 3 days by getting the deal for me just 20K above the list price without entering to the bidding process and before offer deadline. Bank appraised 70K over the list price. Amar able to win the deal 50K less than the Bank appraisal value. It’s THE BEST deal in this market. In my opinion, any other Realtor present my offer price and ask more to get the house but Amar clearly demonstrated in actions clients best interest well above and beyond. As results of his actions, unique approach with listing agent, and proven strategy saved us 46K.

Amar was more interested in well-being of my family rather than making his own profit and benefit. In each and every step, he saved my money as if he is buying the home for himself. Once our offer was accepted, Amar gave us guidance throughout Home BUYING PROCESS. It’s great experience.

Thank you so much Amar for all your hard work and dedication throughout the process and we are extremely happy with your service. We moved to our dream house and “Thanking You” every day while getting settled in our new house.

September 29, 2013, Pradip was Amar’s client
Asok Tiyyagura
Data Center Switching at IBM

Amar was excellent at guiding us throughout the process and making our first time home buying process a pleasant experience. He is patient and listened to all our needs. He personally visited the property to evaluate its pros and cons and discussed them with us before making the offer and tried to get us the best deal by all possible means.

Amar had the right strategy in winning the property for 15K less than the authorized price under multiple offer scenarios. He also negotiated to extend the escrow by moving the closing date further to save $$$ and recovered about 3K from lender/seller to help cover closing costs.

Amar was on top of every activity and was personally engaged during each step including appraisal, loan, escrow and closing. Bottom line, with his flawless execution, I felt confident with Amar on our side during this entire process and sincerely appreciate his close collaboration in helping us get our dream Home.

September 19, 2013, Asok was Amar’s client
karthik lakshmanan
Software Engineer at Google

AMAR is absolutely more than a Realtor. If you love a house and want to make it yours, Amar is THE BEST representation that you can ever imagine. He does a thorough analysis and best strategy to win offer. Amar has the uncanny knack of figuring out the seller’s mind and developing relationship with agents.

In our case, Amar helped us get our house without getting into a bidding war by constructing a offer within record time. Amar recovered over 5K in closing costs and helped us by referring to an amazing network of providers for everything from mortgage to home warranty. The best thing about Amar is that he is highly responsive and you can reach him almost anytime. He can execute deals within record time largely due to going above and beyond with his hard work and excellent team of network. Amar also helped us get the refrigerator, washer, and dryer as part of the offer, which made the house move-in ready and helped us get started right away.

The whole process from open houses to close of escrow was super smooth. Amar definitely exceeded our expectations with unmatched service and VALUE proposition. I will whole-heartedly recommend Amar to my friends and colleagues for Real estate guidance and help.
– Karthik Lakshmanan

September 5, 2013, karthik was Amar’s client
Srikant Voruganti, PMP
Program Manager and Sr. Technical Architect at Infosys


Thank you so much for being such a great friend and the best and ultimate real estate agent for me and my family. You went out of your way to get us this Home, shows that rather than being in it for the money, you were more interested in our well being, rather than making your own profit – we are eternally grateful to you.
Thanks to you, we have moved from a rented accommodation, where the rent kept going higher and higher, to our own dream Home. We absolutely love the Home you made a reality for us, in the beautiful city of Dublin, in a very good school district, with a lot of like minded neighbours, family and friends living around us!
Amar negotiated from the Builder and lender over 29K [Upgrades: 10K, Price: 8K, Loan closing: 7K, Appliances: 4K] by going above and beyond and guidance throughout the Home buying process is priceless.
I can only stress Amar’s passion, negotiations, and guidance to help clients is hard to match by Realtors. Amar’s strong execution abilities, the breadth of his real estate domain expertise makes him an invaluable asset to any Buyer/Seller. Thanks so much for everything Amar!

Best Regards,


August 28, 2013, Srikant was Amar’s client
Sri Gudavalli
Database Analyst & App Engineer at Wells Fargo

Now a day’s, many Listing agents to do double sides (both buyer and seller side) and don’t even submit higher offers because of their own vested interest in the transaction. It’s virtually impossible to do the justice and right representation when listing agent representing both seller and buyer. Lawyer representing both sides. It’s obviously compromise of ethics on buyer side or seller side or both sides. Think about it.

I can’t imagine any other agent other than Amar for selling my home because of his highest standard of ethics and right guidance in actions and practice. Amar honestly represents the client’s best interest above all clearly shows in end results.

Summary of my Home Selling experience with Amar:

· Entire process guidance throughout Home SELLING PROCESS.

· Extensive Marketing for maximum exposure.

· The Best deal negotiation by ALL possible means.

· Perfect execution to sell RECORD price of same Sq.ft Home
in the neighborhood.

· Personally involved in ALL areas (Listing preparation, Appraisal,
Loan, Escrow process, and closing).

· Co-ordination and engagement with Bank and Escrow to ensure
loan closing on time and smoothly.

· Staying on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make
sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.

Bottom line, the flawless EXECUTION on multiple dimensions
what every seller hope to achieve in ideal conditions.



August 25, 2013, Sri was Amar’s client
Ipsi P
UAT Analyst (Oracle Finance Division)

After my Home buying experience with Amar last month, I just can say, Amar is THE BEST Realtor in the Bay area. Amar, as a Realtor always go above and beyond to provide the exceptional service and great value for his clients . In this current market, it is really tough to deal with the seller’s agent as they are getting multiple offers. However, we are able to find our dream home last month because of Amar’s hard work and amazing execution. I would like to share my home buying experience with Amar. Amar provided us the best service anyone ever expect from a Realtor.

· Amar showed us a really nice Home in our preferred zip code.
Once we all on-board and offered our comfortable amount for that house, he immediately started working on it.
Amar almost gave all his valuable time in negotiating the deal with the seller’s agent. In that process, he established a good rapport with the seller agent and understood the seller motivations and situations for selling home.
Amar put together offer package and worked closely with listing agent to WIN the deal before offer deadline without competition and price bidding war. As results, we got very good deal. He is extremely good at analysing the situation, winning the deal with right strategy, and perfect execution.
Amar personally involved in all the areas of our home buying process(Appraisal, Loan, Inspections, Escrow, Insurance, and closing). He has great team of people to make home buying process absolutely stress free.
Amar co-ordinated with the WF lender who did our pre-approval and loan closing providing us a really good interest rate.On the top of everything, Amar helped us to recover $9,857 towards closing.

The entire home buying process starting from the beginning to end went so smooth with peace of mind because of Amar’s hard work, dedication and capability. We are 2nd time Home buyers and lot of real estate knowledge, Amar and team makes a BIG diffidence in journey of Home buying process. Thank you so much Amar for all your contributions in our Home buying process.

August 22, 2013, Ipsi was Amar’s client
Ashish Kumar
Client Solutions Manager at Fiserv

It was a pleasure working with Amar. Before I met Amar, I worked with 2 other agents and they could not get me a deal. In fact with them I never got the feeling that they have the ability to close a deal.

With Amar, from the first offer we made, I knew that he’s the person who can get me a house in this tough market. Amar got me win-win deal and then taking care of all closing costs was added bonus. Above all, when I saw house pictures in appraisal report and came to know that he got the house cleaned up for appraisal, I was so deeply touched. Starting from finding a home in this tough market to closing was not possible without your help and dedication Amar. I really appreciate all the hard work that has gone into making this transaction successful. All in all, it was a real pleasure working with Amar. I would recommend Amar any day to anyone for real estate needs.

August 9, 2013, Ashish was Amar’s client
Shivkumar Venkat
Sr. Infrastructure Systems Manager

Dealing with Amar was the best deal negotiation by ALL possible means. It was a perfect execution of Great VALUE property and winning property in hot market with right strategy less than 25K( Its magic!!!!). Amar recovered over 5K from the lender/seller towards closing.

Amar was personally involved in all areas (Appraisal, Loan, Escrow process, and closing) as if it was his own home. Amar did an excellent job in Co-ordination and engagement with Wells Fargo/Escrow to ensure loan closing and entire process guidance throughout Home BUYING PROCESS. Amar has an excellent team of people to provide outstanding service. He stayed on TOP of EVERY activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible. Bottom line, the flawless EXECUTION couldn’t be accomplished without YOUR expertise and network of people.

Amar went above and beyond and provided exceptional service, and made home buying experience marvelous. In the whole process, I have earned good hearted person as my friend. I would recommend Amar for all the real estate needs to anyone.

In the whole process, I have earned good hearted person as my friend. I would recommend Amar for all the real estate needs.

August 2, 2013, Shivkumar was Amar’s client
Srini Koushik
President and CEO at NTT Innovation Institute Inc.

Over the past 25 years we have purchased several properties around the country and have worked with several professional agents that provided good service. Recently we purchased a home in the most competitive market in the country – the bay area. However, this was the best and most seamless experience for us. The main reason for this was Amar Amarnath our realtor. Amar provided the most comprehensive service we have ever seen. It includes:
• Advicing us about the Bay Area, its school systems, the commute and neighborhoods
• Showing us a very good selection of houses and educating us about the choices and pros and cons of the choices
• Helping us put together a good offer and driving the best deal for us through effective negotiations without entering into a bidding war
• Personally staying involved in ALL areas (Appraisal, Loan, Escrow process, insurance, and closing)
• Co-ordinating efforts with WFC and Escrow to ensure loan closing

In my opinion, Amar is the most professional, capable, intelligent and hard working agent we have ever known. More importantly he is a decent and kind human being who is easy to like and get along with and one who operates with the highest level of honesty, integrity and trust. We are planning to refer Amar to all of our friends and we plan to stay connected to him as a friend for a lifetime and would work with him every time we have a real estate transactions.

July 25, 2013, Srini was Amar’s client
Tasneem Dalal
Job Captain at Gensler

Mr. Amar has made the home buying experience extremely EASY and STRESS FREE for us. We had been looking for a house for two years and have talked to a myriad of agents, we were then recommended Amar in May. By 1st week of July, we owned our dream home. Amar got us a great value on our home, which speaks volumes about Amar in a market where there is a bidding war.

Amar was extremely involved in the entire home buying process from the loan pre approval process to the closing and made sure things were on track and everything was done in a timely manner. Amar saved us over 15K towards closing cost.

In a nutshell, one cannot go wrong with Mr. Amar as a Real Estate agent. He is extremely knowledgeable and diligent about the real estate market. In the whole home buying experience, we have earned a good friend as well and we will be forever grateful to him for buying us our home.

July 9, 2013, Tasneem was Amar’s client
Zuzar Nafar
@Adchemy Engineering

Our Home buying experience with Amar in simple words has been outstanding. Amar truly has a very unique approach to guiding you through the whole process. To start with before he gets into any transactional details, Amar completely eliminates the inherent fear/skepticism/stress that exists when handling real estate, which is particularly important in a high stress market like the bay area.

Getting into details, Amar first focused very specific about our needs and area preferences. Once we are clear what we needed, it was a matter of meeting all the requirements and liking a home. Amar made it happen with his proven strategy, human touch, and powerful negotiation strategies. Most importantly, Amar is extremely knowledgeable about pros and cons of real estate. Obvious drawbacks that an amateur would miss he tends to highlight like a true professional.

Lastly, Amar has established an eco system of professionals that make the entire process stress free….starting with the offer to mortgage, insurance to post purchase house maintenance. Amar saved lot of money in entire process which is beyond our expectations. Amar is a one stop shop for real estate needs for any one in bay area.

July 8, 2013, Zuzar was Amar’s client
Raja Rangarajan
Senior Manager at Aruba Networks

Amar is the true definition of “Excellence in Service”. You can only be good at something, if you are genuinely passionate about it and it is obvious to see why Amar does such a great job. His motto of helping his Clients end to end is truly unmatched. He listened to what we were looking for and guided us entire process through many options. When we were looking, Amar helped us select the right houses. In some cases, he pointed out concerns that we overlooked in some of the choices we made. Once we converged on a place, he pursued it very aggressively and got us an amazing deal. He helped us with financing and also negotiated discounts for closing costs for us. Amar is someone who is diligent, savvy, and trustworthy and this is such rare combination to find in any Realtor in bay area. He puts himself in the place of a buyer/seller and that shows in the quality of service and outstanding results he delivers to his clients. I whole heartedly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell their house in Bay area

July 5, 2013, Raja was Amar’s client
Lalitha Krishnan
Tech Lead at Cisco Systems

Amar is an excellent “ALL IN ALL” real estate agent who is just “AWESOME”. He has an amazing team of people working in collaboration be it the best loan agent/insurance agent, and many others. He guided us through the whole process right from pre-approval and was very involved all the way to the closing. He made our home buying experience a breeze.

Amar is absolutely passionate about his work and made every sincere effort to get us the best deal possible. He treats each deal as his own and gives it the best shot. A lot of hard work goes in the background which we sometimes are not even aware.

Amar makes amazing presentation to the seller covering all aspects. I attended one and I was very impressed. If I am the seller, I would definitely give the buyer a chance just for presentation. The deal just does not stop with the bid. Even for fixing the rate and the closing cost he got us a huge discount which we never even anticipated. At a personal level also he is a very nice person, very patient, very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable in many areas.

Amar went above and beyond our expectation. We earned a good friend in Amar. So if you are a buyer or a seller Amar is your go-to person.

July 1, 2013, Lalitha was Amar’s client
Sridhar Anupindi
Senior Systems Analyst at Verizon Wireless

I had a wonderful experience with Amar for my Home. It is a pleasure to share my experience with you all. We were looking for home for more than a year and half, nothing seems to work and then i met Amar through one of my friends and we found ours in less than a month. We are able to find a home not only with good price but also good vaastu, He is very understanding and knowledgeable, listening to our concerns and also suggesting valuable tips. We made so many trips to finalize the home and he was present ahead of us. He was there at every step of our home buying process. He did exceptionally good negotiations to get me a real good deal (in fact great deal).
Here are some of the things i would love to share with you all.

1. The Best deal negotiation by all possible means.
2. Total savings over 22K.
3. Perfect execution in hot market with right strategy.
4. Entire process guidance throughout Home buying process.
5. Staying on top of every activity in the entire process to make sure end goal is accomplished as smooth as possible.

Bottom line, the flawless Execution and i am living in my dream house, thanks to Amar.

June 21, 2013, Sridhar was Amar’s client
Raju Chamarthi
Sr. Director, Network Engineering at Equinix


Thank you very much for all your help with my home purchases. It is wonderful experience working with you. It was awesome to get these properties at the list prices, even in this hot sellers’ market and crazy bidding. You have been very prompt and process oriented. You have proven time and again, clients best interest all the time in actions and results. This helped me in staying on top of things from my side, especially with all my time constraints. Your help with the loan, insurance, current tenants’ agreements, and escrow process made my job very easy. I really appreciate your help in going extra mile in saving me big $$$ in closing costs by negotiating with the lender and the seller agent. With your team, securing the loan and closing the escrow in 3 weeks was great. Truly, you have gone above and beyond with exceptional service to make entire process very easy and pleasant. Overall, I am very happy and super satisfied with your “complete package” help in realizing my real estate dreams.


June 6, 2013, Raju was Amar’s client
Saravana Soundararajan
Consultant Engineer at Emulex

We were looking for a good investment property and Amar understood our requirements perfectly. He said he would keep that in mind and let us know when he finds the right value property. One fine day, Amar called us on May 4th and told us of the great investment property listed for $630K. We told him that we cannot pay beyond $650K. He came in person to our house on May 5th to let us know that we got the house. We were really surprised because there was no back-and-forth stressful negotiation that usually happens during home buying process. Then Amar gave us the real shock when he told us of the house price. He negotiated the home for $625K even though there were multiple offers up to $650K. I do not know how he did it in this over bidding market. Amar negotiation skills are excellent and very creative. His winning strategy was perfect and it really worked out for us.

Amar was personally involved as if he is buying house for himself. He was personally involved in all the areas including appraisal, loan, property inspections, insurance, escrow and closing. The entire team – real estate agent, loan officer, insurance agent, property inspector, and escrow agent came together and we closed the escrow in record 20 days. That was another shocker in this market. We had heard of months to close the escrow. During escrow process, he saved us another $7,272. In total, Amar saved us around $32K.The entire process was so smooth, efficient and fast. We were the owners of the house in 20 days.

All this happened because of:

1. Excellent deal negotiation skills in today’s hot market

2. His continuous guidance throughout the home buying experience

3. His personal involvement in all aspects of the home buying

4. His valuable contacts and network of people and team

5. Staying on top of every activity in the entire process until the escrow is closed.

We had an excellent experience with Amar as our buying agent. I would highly recommend Amar for home buying and that would save lot of time, money, stress for a prospective home buyer.

May 29, 2013, Saravana was Amar’s client
Saiprasad Mishra
Developer @Adchemy Engineering

THANK YOU Amar for being there in EVERY step of my Home buying process.  I have no words to express your efforts, dedication, and commitment to fulfil my challenging requirements.

Once I met Amar to discuss about my home situation. Right after the discussion, I know he is the person can do the job right. Before meeting Amar, I also talk to couple of agents. I have 24 days to move out of the home and looking in great school district with limited budget.

Amar understood our situation and started focusing on us to get single family home in Fremont. Once we all liked the home and everyone on-board, Amar’s through well-connected network, sure-fire negotiation, promptness in action, and right judgment at the right moment, our offer accepted. This happens not through magic, but creative thinking, personnel touch with agents, and strategy. Amar’s credibility, reputation, and Keller Williams Realty (No: 1 company in US) does matters in big picture.

YES! Amar closed the home less than $9,950 than list price in multiple offers situation and there are offers higher than the list price. How it’s possible in the crazy market. The way Amar packaged our offer, and presentation of the offer process made a big difference. I met with seller and listing agent in person, both are very tough people to deal.  I always wonder how Amar convinced listing agent and seller to convince to go with offer. What I liked about Amar is the value, expertise, and professionalism. The level of depth he personally involves in every stage of the transaction is amazing.

Most importantly, execution our offer terms in a professional and timely manner gave me the peace of mind in the process. I am so impressed with negotiations and the right guidance; I have referred 2 people before closing my transaction.
Amar on top of loan and escrow process to close in less than 18 days.  In the whole process, Amar saved us $28,379.  Finding the right home, winning the offer in multiple offers situation below list price, saving lot of money, and closing in less than 24 days itself speak volumes about Amar’s professionalism. Amar have shown me a great example of what professional agent means, and totally changed my impression about agent. From the offer to the last day of moving in, he made me feel everything is taken care.

It has been a great experience. If you read all the way down to here, you probably know what I am going to say. Yes, you are right, I highly recommend Amar no matter you are selling or buying a house, because his professionalism and passion will not change.

Amar is a true meaning of his mission: E = MC²

E:  Excellency in Service

M:  My expertise in meeting Clients Goals

C:  Clients for a Lifetime

C:  Creativity to achieve Exceptional Results

May 27, 2013, Saiprasad was Amar’s client
Kunal Sahu
Software Engineer

“Stressful”, “frustrating”, “tough” – these are some of the words that usually come to one’s mind when one thinks about buying one’s first home. We have been hunting our first home for the past 6 months, but with no luck. Multiple offers submitted, few got counters and nothing accepted. We were also waiting for our first kid to arrive this summer. Life was chaotic at best until we bumped into Amar (through one of our friends at LinkedIn).

From our very first conversation with Amar, we could feel the difference between him and other agents we have been working with. Amar came across somebody who has in-depth knowledge of the Bay Area real-estate market and knows how to win in pressure situations. He was very very cooperative in understanding our requirements and guiding us through various areas.

With multiple set-backs, we had very little hope about buying it in this aggressive market. Amar assured us that he would try his level best and there is nothing to be worried about. He has a calming presence which soothes the buyers and gives them this peace of mind. Couple of days after submitting our offer, to our surprise Amar came back to us with our offer accepted!!! We are the winners of fierce competition (10 offers) and our offer is not the highest offer. Finally, we settled in a nice corner unit in the heart of Sunnyvale. That was the first one we were working with Amar. We loved the home, its lay out and its neighbourhood.

Amar worked really hard behind the scenes and added that personal touch in negotiating the deal for us. Besides, he was at the fore front of each and every stage of the home buying and saved lot of money in the process. Staying at top of things, he also made us understand the various aspects of being a home owner. He worked with the loan officer, escrow officer, selling agent, appraisal officer, insurance agent and a whole bunch of people to close the deal in less than 15 days.

The speed at which Amar works is truly unbelievable. With him around, one does not need to worry about a thing. Sometimes, I feel that one has 24 hours in a day, but Amar has 30 hours in a day. The amount of stuff he manages to get done is remarkable. One has to meet and work with him to truly understand and experience it. Basically, Amar is a really nice person and lovely to work. He has his heart in this profession and brings the human aspect in the things he does. I can’t recommend enough about Amar’s contribution in fulfilling our dream of being a home owner. He is a ROCKSTAR!

April 24, 2013, Kunal was Amar’s client
Sony Mohapatra
Senior Test Engineer at LinkedIn

I don’t know if I should say it was destiny or luck to have met Amar who helped us fulfil our dream of buying a house in the bay area in this high market in just 3 weeks time. We had been searching for houses for a long time until we met Amar 3 weeks back. This was the house we could call “home”. If not for Amar we wouldn’t have been able to get this house.

Amar is hands down the best agent around. This was our first bid with him and he got us our “home”. He was more than an agent to us. He understood exactly what we wanted and he gave his 200% to get us this house. He is very professional with a personal touch and that’s what makes him different from other agents. He goes out of his way to get the best deal possible. His continuous involvement in all areas, guidance and personal attention is definitely a huge plus.

Amar saved us a lot of money and was able to recover a large amount from the lender/seller. After the offer was accepted the closing was so smooth. We closed in 11 days which was an aggressive deadline to meet. In spite of which we were completely stress free and did not have to be thinking about loan, appraisal, escrow etc. Amar and his team handled the whole process working long hours getting things done. This is a huge advantage since being first time buyers without proper guidance, we would be stressed all the time. With Amar that stress was far from reach.

Amar is on top of things with perfect execution in multiple offer situations. With Amar you can blindly trust him on the whole process. With his experience and previous track record of winning offers one can easily get what they want. Amar is the most genuine person who gives his frank opinion on the property and appropriate guidance to new home buyers.

I would definitely recommend Amar to any buyer who wants to realise their dream of owning their dream house. Amar will make it happen!

April 23, 2013, Sony was Amar’s client
Ravi Renduchintala
ThermoFisher Scientific

My Home Buying Experience Since I made contact with Amar Amarnath

Hi Amar, It is with gratitude that I say Thank You for your efforts that enabled me to buy a home in this highly competitive market.
I want to go over from the days of my first contact with Amar that happened only three months ago in January 2013. Since then our interaction has been nothing but pleasant during our combined efforts in our home buying experience. We toured homes together and in that process Amar explained to us several bits of pros and cons in each property educating us and giving his honest opinion about the homes and whether it is worth to proceed or not. Frankly, we learnt several bits of information of what to look for in a potential home.

Amar is always available to clarify and explain various aspects of home buying process and available to tour homes at the first available opportunity. He utilizes his enormous experience in real estate business and transfers that knowledge to help his clients and goes out of way in doing so. I can attest to that with my own experience where Amar helped me get a great deal while negotiating in a very competitive environment with multiple and handsome offers from the competitors.

Amar’s reputation in the real estate business, methodical approach and analysis, highest standards of ethics, professional way of handling the negotiations, and ability to convince the seller’s agents are phenomenal. More importantly, the personal touch he brings to negotiating table makes him what I call Amazing Amar. No wonder he is one of the most popular and trustworthy Realtors around. He also brings in positive surprises along the way.

Amar has wonderful team that makes home buying process quite comfortable and importantly also enjoyable, closes the deal in record short times. He takes a very proactive care to ensure the process is moving smoothly by going above and beyond. Amar involves in loan pre-approval process, coordination and engagement with bank and escrow process, appraisal, loan process, and closing process by staying on top of the entire home buying process.

Amar is good at heart and puts his efforts as it his own home buying process and that is a very important aspect as far I am concerned where in you build trust. He saved us lot of money in the process. In a nutshell, we have benefitted a great deal by approaching Amar Amarnath for our home purchase. I strongly advise potential home buyers to utilize his professional experience to benefit.

Ravi Shankar and Shailaja Renduchintala
April 20,2013

April 22, 2013, Ravi was Amar’s client
Mahesh Machineni
Tech Leader at Cisco

In my opinion, Amar is the best real estate agent in Bay Area. When we started looking to buy a home, Amar was very instrumental in deciding the area. He has good knowledge of the good residential areas around Bay Area. He is very friendly, understands our needs carefully. We are very particular about the direction and vasthu of the home. Amar was always available to see every house and provide his honest opinion about each home. Because of his vast experience and deep interest in real estate, Amar is able to provide the best feedback; he is very patient and gives great attention to buyer’s needs. Amar treats it as buying his own home. Amar documents each home we considered; which greatly helped us in making final decision.

When we finally decided to make an offer, Amar presented the offer in a very unique and most effective way (Amar’s patented style of presenting an offer) to win the offer in multiple offer situation (over 20 offers). He not only won the offer even though it was not the highest offer, also saved us very good amount of money in the whole process.

Most importantly, there was more competing offer to seller from listing agent’s office. With Amar’s unique approach and proven strategy, we were able to win our offer in virtually impossible situation. I have personally experienced Amar’s spellbinding offer presentation and creativity with sellers and listing agent. In today’s’ market, Amar makes a BIG difference in winning deals with clients interest in heart.

Amar followed up with the seller agent very proactively in a professional way. He has best network of Loan Agents and Escrow Agents, hence we were able to close the escrow in record time. The loan Agent Yogesh has always been available, very responsive and got me the best possible rate due to Amar’s relationship and closed the loan in a very short period of time. Amar also has the best network of home improvement contractors, plumbers, pet control contractors. Amar communicates each Key Mile Stones (KMS) in home buying process steps in detail. The entire home buying process from acceptance of the offer to closing of escrow is very pleasant and smooth and exceeded all my expectations.

Thank you very much Amar. I highly recommend Amar as a Real Estate agent for right guidance (extremely critical), peace of mind transaction (very important), and value proposition (tangible results).

April 19, 2013, Mahesh was Amar’s client
Martin (KaFai) Lau
Product Architect / Software Developer / Web Performance Specialist / Cloud Services

I had been looking for an excellent buyer agent for a while. I am very particular because I have heard very stressful buying experience from my friends and families. I had been asking reference from others and carefully heard the process that they had gone through. Finally, I decided to go with Amar to represent me and I am so glad that I made an excellent choice.
Amar is very patient with the buyer and always help the buyers to fully consider all other similar options in the market before making an offer. When we decided to make an offer, Amar followed up with the seller agent proactively in a very professional way. Amar able to win the deal in hot market in multiple offers situation at list price with his proven strategy and attitude in Mission San Jose district. The whole offer and counter offer process was very transparent to us. My wife and I clearly know the whole process. Because Amar did a lot of research and background work, the decision that I had to make is pretty straight forward which is very important to me considering my day time job is already very demanding.
Amar is so hands-on and followed up every single detail from Loan, Inspection, Escrow…etc. It really removed tons of stress from us. More importantly, considering the seller had moved out of the country, the closing process was quite challenging from time to time due to remote communication. Amar shielded all of the seller side challenges from me. In the hot market like the current one, it could be quite stressful on the buyer side for any possible bump during the close while the deposit is locked in the escrow. However, my wife and I were quite comfortable because Amar had successfully worked with the seller during the offer process and we are very confident that Amar can handle the close professionally. The closing process is so smooth and Amar saved over 5K towards closing.
My wife and I had a great buying experience. We are happy and proud to share the facts with my family and friends. We love to work with Amar again if we are back in the market later.

April 10, 2013, Martin (KaFai) was Amar’s client
Amit Sangani
CTO & Co-Founder, MightyText

Hands down, Amar is one of the best real estate agents in Bay Area! We were looking for a home in Los Altos/Palo Alto in crazy market where each home was receiving 5+ offers at minimum. Amar was able to find a beautiful home for us and at extremely good value. Amazingly, he won the deal for $40K less than the highest offer. How did he do it? He put extremely enticing offer to seller almost equivalent to cash offer, but not really a cash offer! Seller accepted our offer over the highest offer. Very few agents are skilled enough to execute the way Amar does. Amar’s amazing execution, negotiation skills, and offer strategy, bar none. He negotiated close to $15K towards the closing costs – saving us almost $55K in addition to finding extremely valuable property which we both agree can be sold for $200K above what we bought for in this market.

He negotiated to make it a win-win situation for us and the seller. He also project managed the entire process super efficiently (for e.g. working with loan agent, keeping seller agent warm, Home warranty, Escrow, Funding, Recording, etc). Our file was complex, but Amar & Yogesh (loan agent) totally nailed it.

Here are some of Amar’s pros for buyers out there. Amar –
– Understands bay area market really well.
– Evaluates each home as if he was looking for his own family
– Does not waste time bidding on properties which do not provide value for his buyers
– Negotiates and puts an extremely compelling offer which is sure to save buyer’s hard-earned dollars
– Guides through the entire process which is really priceless
– Is a nice person by heart!

If you are looking to buy a property without Amar, you are truly missing out an opportunity!

March 23, 2013, Amit was Amar’s client
Uthra Natarajan
Sr Software QA Engineer

Amar is one of the most genuine person we have met and he has deep knowledge in real estate business. He helped us get our first home for which there we 40+ bidders and multiple cash offers , and convinced the sellers to pick us. He guided us throughout the process from pre approval to getting the loan and helped to make informed decision. His ability to understand the customer’s unique requirements and then trying to match a house that satisfies most is simply amazing. He also helped us save a lot of money in the closing cost and got us the best rates ever. Overall a very satisfying experience. I would recommend Amar to anyone who is thinking of buying a home in Bay area.

March 11, 2013, Uthra was Amar’s client
Dharamendra Krishnamurthi
Functional QA lead at Wazaap

I have had the good fortune of working with Amar once, for exactly three weeks between February and March 2013, when we were contemplating purchasing a small home in a location with a good school district. That was when we connected with Amar who came very highly recommended by one of our friends. Just to test the waters, we pointed him to an Ideal home (we knew it was impossible for us to get it within our very limited allocated budget) for which there was 100+ visitors and 50+ bidders, and we also knew that it would close at a much higher rate. We wanted to test the waters and mentioned about this house to Amar. We wanted to see how Amar works, so that we can decide whether to utilize his services in the further searches.
Three weeks later, we have the Home!! The Only home that we saw, and thought was impossible to own.
Amar did a fantastic job of “grabbing victory from the jaws of defeat” so to say. He was always prompt with his updates and information, His negotiation skills was good enough to convince the sellers and their agent to choose us, to sell the house to. we were not expecting this to happen at all, but it happened in three weeks, and at a rate that we thought was impossible to achieve.
Amar possesses deep knowledge of the real estate business, and works with a creme-de-la-creme of a team that literally move mountains to make “Impossible ” a reality. We have found Amar to be genuine, Extremely hard working, making sure the we were kept updated, and most importantly ensure that he gets the best out of his extended team to make this happen for us, reassuring us all along the process.
It was a fantastic experience working with Amar, and I will recommend Amar as the Go to guy if you are looking to buy a home in the bay area.

March 10, 2013, Dharamendra was Amar’s client
Venkatesan Packirisamy
Senior computer architect at NVIDIA

I had a pleasant home buying experience with Amar as my agent. I had been looking at homes to buy for several months before I met Amar. After I met Amar, I became a home owner within a short few weeks. With real-estate websites giving all the information needed it might seem an agent is not absolutely needed. But in a challenging market it is very important to have someone like Amar as your real estate agent.
Main advantages when having Amar as your agent:
Amar brings in a team to take care of entire real estate transaction. You get a hassle free buying experience.
Amar is extremely committed. If he thinks that a property is suitable for his client, he will try his very best to get it while staying within the client’s comfort level.
Amar reputation for guaranteed results gives an extra edge when offers are close and works as a close team.
Amar being very proactive and focused execution gives a huge advantage in current challenging market environment.
Amar believes on establishing long term relationship with his clients. He is not someone who just vanishes after finishing the transaction. He really cares about his clients and wants to get the best deal that is suitable for them.
Amar will definitely help with his treasure trove of knowledge in real estate.

December 28, 2012, Venkatesan was Amar’s client
Sunil Gutlapalli
A10 Networks

We were looking for home in bay area for about a year and we almost gave up and finally we were introduced to Amar through our friends.

When we first met Amar, he first listened to all our requirements and provided inputs/suggestions which put us on right track. Amar came with us to see multiple houses and answered all our questions. He always discussed about pros and cons of each house, tried to understand what we wanted and provided honest feedback.

Amar wrote offer for our current home, he presented our offer in such a way that our offer was accepted even though there is a higher offer. When we found some termite issues in home inspection, Amar gave us honest opinion to cancel the offer. Surprisingly after a week seller contacted Amar and wanted to renegotiate the offer and fix the termite issue. When I talked to seller he said “You are getting the offer because of Amar, he is the Best Real Estate Agent I have ever seen” (Seller himself is a Real Estate Agent). I was little nervous initially and Amar said relax, I will take care of everything. Amar did take care of everything in the whole process. Amar negotiated with seller and added additional items and saved us lot of money. He made our home buying experience memorable.

Amar helped us in each and every stage from pre-approval to Escrow closing. He helped us with last minute appraisal glitch and made his team to rush to close escrow as per plan. Amar even suggested us best option for us in holding of the title, where agents generally don’t care.

With Amar, you will have peace of mind and he makes best memorable home buying experience for you.

December 21, 2012, Sunil was Amar’s client
Seetharama Ayyadevara
Director of Technology, BubbleWrApp

In south bay area, buying a home with good schools and
sub 1 million dollars price is not an easy thing. There are, and
continue to be more people looking to buy homes in this range since difference
between rent and mortgage is negligible. Even though you really liked
the house and wanted to buy it — there good possibility that you would not
be able to get the house because of the multiple offers and heavy bidding.
Now that market is heating up, it would even be more difficult to get
a home.

If you really want to get the house and are willing to take some heat, Amar
is the realtor for you. When we wrote the offer for our home, there are more than
two offers with highier price than what we have offered. But Amar structured
the deal in such a way that seller accepted our offer even though our
offered price is less than other offers. Then, Amar was constantly in touch with seller’s agent

and worked hard to get the offer accepted. Amar is highly responsive and
is very helpful. He also saved us a quite a bit of money in closing costs.

He has a very good working relationship with Nimeesha and Yoghesh, loan
agents form wells fargo. This made it extremely easy to get the loan and
make the escrow close on time. It took us about two weeks from offer
acceptance to getting the keys. It normally takes around 45 days.
It is a testment to the hardwork and smarts Amar put to use on our
behalf to get the house we can afford in a good school district.
With out Amar we would not have gotten our new home.

November 8, 2012, Seetharama was Amar’s client
Rahul Srivastava
Scientist, Staff II – Systems Design

It gives me great pleasure to write about our home buying experience with Amar.

Amar is one of the most hard-working and detail oriented professionals that I have seen. His preparation in listing comparisons and pros and cons of each property was extremely thorough and helpful. This enabled us to make decisions regarding a property in a timely manner with confidence. In addition to hard work, he works very efficiently to close a deal. Amar’s negotiation skills are par excellence and he was able to save us a bunch of money during the property purchase as well as in closing costs. In fact, we have authorised Amar to make an offer at the market value to get our ideal home, Amar was able to close our property deal before the final offer deadline that too 40K below house market value based on the recent sold comparables in that neighbourhood in multiple offers situation. YES. Amar made it possible with his right offer strategy and great interpersonal skills. Amar setup friendly meeting with seller, listing agent, and us to develop relationship/trust and then presented the offer package with right keys and communications.

With Amar, you have total peace of mind as he does his job with total thoroughness and integrity. As first time buyers, we were unsure of a lot of things but Amar was able to guide us through the whole process without any hitches or difficulties. Another quality of Amar is that he is very patient and not pushy like some other realtors. He never nudged us into purchasing something that we were not sure about. In fact, when we were willing to lower our standards, Amar dissuaded us from considering houses that were not meeting our criteria.

In addition to Amar’s considerable professional accomplishments, Amar is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. It is a real delight to interact with him on a personal level.

Choosing Amar was our best decision in the house hunting process. In today’s market, when value proposition is everything, Amar is the man to close out deals with great value proposition and quality of the transaction.”

October 27, 2012, Rahul was Amar’s client
Kumaran Santhanakrishnan
Automation/Performance Specialist

Investment (2012):

Experience working with you is not something new to me, I already enjoyed this when buying my primary home.
-You got me an exceptional deal on the house with your extraordinary negotiation. The strategy you choose to make seller accept the deal is fantastic.
-Your encouragement and directions gave me strength for me to make this bold move.
-Your dedication to save money to your clients is awesome and you go to any extent to achieve it.
-Guidance on all aspects (appraisal, loan, escrow, insurance, etc.) is simply superb.
-Hats off to your 100% worry free transaction
-My advice to whoever in buying/selling real estate, never miss the opportunity of being Amar’s client. There are reasons for his clients come back to him again and again for real estate needs.
-You work 100% hard to keep up your motto (“clients for life”).

Primary: (2011)
Short Sale – A pleasant travel with Amar from beginning to end.

It was a pleasure working with Amar. I highly recommend Amar to all our friends and family. We were stunned on how passionate he is on his work. Before meeting Amar, we were looking for house for almost 2+ years and we did not get one that met our expectations. Amar found the house, which met our expectations perfectly in less than a month time frame. He is very honest in providing his feedback on all the properties he showed to us. He is an expert in calculating real value of given property in given area. It was amazing for us on how much granular his data about particular house including upgrades, neighborhood, value, etc. This really helped us in making our decision fast and easy. In fact, he spent more time in the property and it’s neighborhood than us. He provided guidance in all aspect starting from lining up loan agent, inspection, insurance, contractors (if you need one). If you want to save your time and money, I will recommend to go with these people blindly. He has the best contacts in all aspects.
-Very patient and prompt in answer any question (I asked many silly questions, sorry Amar) at any point of time.
-Take oncoming unexpected problems (eg. loan conditions) in his hand personally, fix them and just inform you at the end. Just as an agent he don’t have to do this. This is like he is taking a first hit on the problem, instead of just passing it on to you.
Gives 100% value to your requirements/needs and provide additional information to support them.
This has been the best experience we have ever had with any real estate service.
At the end I felt, it is not just a transaction – it is transaction filled with life, joy, gift or whatever you name it.
If you really want to do a VERY BIG FAVOR/HELP to yourself or your friends/family looking forward to buy/sell property, just line them up with Amar. This is the best gift you can give it to your friends or family.

Thanks Amar, for you patience, confidence and never give-up mentality which really helped in getting this house.

October 20, 2012, Kumaran was Amar’s client
Deena babu Kondubhatla, PMP,ITIL
Lead Application Systems Analyst at Silicon Valley Bank

It gives me great pleasure to share my dream home buying experience through Amar Amarnath as my realtor.It just took 70 days from
the time I decided to buy a home to the close of escrow.Amar helped me in taking the right decisions in each and every step of the home buying process.Amar look at the value proposition of the property before making the recommendation to his clients. The great quality I saw in Amar was in providing unbiased feedback when I had to decide on something. Being the president of a non profit international telugu organization ‘SiliconAndhra’, I have come across many realtors in the market but I am very lucky that I have choosen Amar as my realtor. His integrity, client-first approach, community expertise, dynamism, in-depth market knowledge and great negotiating skills helped me not only in buying my dream home but also saved more than $31368 dollars overall. His strengths described above helped me to close the deal even before the house was out on the open house for sale besides convincing the seller to accept the offer for $14k less than the list price in high demanding sellers market.

October 14, 2012, Deena babu was Amar’s client
Sindhu Tatimatla
Manager, Business Intelligence at Symantec

I am sitting down to review our home buying experience with Amar and I am completely at a loss for words. I do not know where to begin. I could just say Amar is THE BEST REALTOR you will ever find and rest my case there. However, here is my feeble attempt at the review, as I already know that words cannot do justice.

My husband and I started looking for homes with Amar in July 2012, when the real estate market was extremely competitive. The inventory was low and the good homes were going for $30K – $100K over the asking price. It was tough enough to find a home you liked, forget finding the very good school district you were looking for and forget finding a seller who would accept the modest offer you wanted to make. It was in this environment, that too in less than two months that Amar closed on our IDEAL home. He won the property before the offer deadline at $35K below the amount we had authorized him to quote in the offer. In addition, Amar negotiated over $8K towards closing costs from the seller and the lender. He basically hit our deal way out of the park for a HUGE home run!.

“How did he do it?” I have wondered. While I am still figuring out all the specifics of his magic, I believe it was a mix of extreme diligence, highly intelligent strategy, flawless execution, commitment, and the good luck that only smiles on people who are great human beings.

Amar was personally involved in every step of our home purchase process – right from getting our preapproval to visiting all the potential homes with us to engaging with our lender and closing escrow. Amar saved my husband and me from buying homes that would have been an less than optimal investment. He gave every home we “liked” thorough consideration and worked way past midnight for us on many occasions. It was only after thorough research that he advised us one way or another. Amar has stringent standards on the homes he will purchase for his clients as he has their best interest in mind at all times.

My recommendation to all the home buyers out there is that you will be lucky if Amar agrees to represent you. Trust him completely, relax and enjoy the ride that will be a GREAT home buying experience.

October 4, 2012, Sindhu was Amar’s client
Hanuma Challa
Manager, at Brocade

As a first time home buyer, I was little nervous initially. But Amar explained the whole home buying process very clearly. Amar listens to his client’s inputs and feedback very patiently to understand requirements. Amar took me to multiple areas, showed me different range of houses, and answered all my questions. He gives honest feedback on the houses, real value of the house, pros and cons of the house, and work as a team in making informed decisions.

Amar is simply the great Realtor and enjoys his profession. Amar uses his management skills in technology industry to go with a right strategy during the offer process. He dynamically adjusts his plan based on the changes in the process. He makes sure everyone in the family are happy with the house they are buying. Throughout the buying process, he acts like he is buying the house for himself. His negotiation skills are great in closing the transaction at lower price. His loan agents are great in getting lowest rate, and close the transaction on-time. Amar will not miss any opportunity to save extra $$$ for his clients.

Amar negotiated the best deal and most favourable terms possible. He negotiated $10K less than the price I told him in multiple offers situation. His negotiation skills are amazing. Amar saved me over $15K in this whole process and saved me lot of time by getting things done without me physically present. Amar guidance in the whole process is priceless.

Amar is extremely helpful to me in finding right home with great price. Amar real estate service exceeded my expectations and delivered exceptional results at the highest level.

I would highly recommend Amar for anyone buying/selling home.

September 19, 2012, Hanuma was Amar’s client
Sarang Dharmapurikar
MTS at Insieme Networks

“Amar is very friendly Realtor and has been a great help throughout the home buying process. We looked at many homes in several areas in the bay area. Amar was always available to see every house, many times at very short notices. He provided his honest opinion on each home. His eyes noticed minute details that we have missed/not noticed and guided all the important things buyers should be aware in the home buying process. Amar diligently documented out feedback on every house to find the pattern of likes and dislikes which helped us narrow down our home search.

Amar is a great negotiator. With his commendable negotiation skills, Amar able to get the home (Cupertino) 10K below in multiple offers situation and saved us over 16K in the home buying process. With his help we ended up buying a beautiful home with everything that we wanted in it and at a reasonable price. Thanks Amar. I highly recommend Amar anyone for Real Estate needs!”

September 11, 2012, Sarang was Amar’s client
Anil Siddam
Sr.Database engg at Snapon

It is my pleasure to share my home buying experience through Amar as my realtor. I have been looking for a house in the bay area for more than a year and after meeting Amar (one of my friend referred me), he made my dream come true within one and half of month.

Amar guided me each and every step in the home buying process like my big brother. Unlike other agents, Amar really studies the potential value of the property including the seasonal price effect, comparables in the market, assessment of the property conditions and provides unbiased feedback. Amar is not just a real estate agent he is real estate system which contains a very strong team of people like Yogesh the loan agent, home inspection people, and other experts in the home buying process. I am very glad to say that Amar saved me over $17K in this transaction and I got me excellent mortgage rate. Most importantly, Amar got me my dream home over 100K less than market value in the current market. It’s amazing the way Amar handles the entire transaction. This is only possible no one else but Amar.

Mine is a shot sale transaction with multiple (6) offers, which is very tough to crack. In the sort sale, the seller/seller agents very tough to deal with, they like to sell the property to their relatives or friends not to other people because properties are at discounted price. Amar really crossed many extra miles above and beyond for me in dealing with these people to close the transaction with pleasant ending.

Amar put forth his client’s interest truly above all. Amar is my only realtor forever. I am very thankful to Amar.

September 3, 2012, Anil was Amar’s client
Sridhar Meda
Senior Software Engineer

Amar is My Realtor for Life. Amar saved us well over $20,000 during my dream home buying process. The way Amar handled the whole buying process by going above and beyond is one of the greatest memory forever. Here is my experience of beautiful journey.

I was referred to Amar via another friend who had strongly recommended him as a one stop shop. I was glad to be introduced to Amar as he instilled confidence from the beginning. As the first call of duty was to get preapproved for the loan, Amar put me in touch with Yogesh Rane, a mortgage consultant par excellence. I got a taste of Amar’s networking prowess after talking to Yogesh. After the pre-approval process completion, we have found a house that met all my constraints and that I really liked. Knowing all the constraints Amar pointed out the pros and cons of the house. We also looked at a different house in the same community that met most of the constraints but not all. Here also Amar pointed out the pros and cons, Amar was really honest in giving me the true picture on every home and not give me an answer that fit my needs. I really appreciated Amar for his expert guidance. We discussed both options in front of us and decided whole heartedly to move forward with the first house.

Amar was able to engage the Seller’s realtor, explain our enthusiasm for the house. Amar was able to get our offer accepted at a price that was lower than the asking price (even with other interested parties in the race) with his exemplary negotiation skills. During the whole process, there were several times during which we almost thought that the offer would not be accepted or that we would get bumped out by other parties. Amar was on the top of the situation all the times and involved deeply in to transaction to win our offer by all means . With Amar’s creative ideas, we overcome all the road blocks during loan process. We always felt that we were the most important clients to Amar and we always wondered how he was able to pull it off even when handling multiple clients.

Amar was in constant communication during entire process. Yogesh was able to get me a record low mortgage rate due to Amar’s partnership. At closing, Amar has saved me a ton of money by being able to retain the high end appliances, getting the seller to pay for various closing services etc.

As I write about my home buying experiences sitting in my new Home, I can’t imagine how this would have been possible without Amar and Yogesh. The goals I had laid out to Amar were all fully satisfied and I was able to get a house that satisfied all my conditions. Amar is a wonderful individual personally and professionally and a realtor who can get things done in right way. I first have to thank my friend for referring Amar to me and to Amar and his team for making this happen so smoothly and in such a professional way. As mentioned above, I can’t imagine going to others for my realty needs. Amar and his team are my team for Life. Period.

September 1, 2012, Sridhar was Amar’s client
smitha idikuda
Software Engineer at VYOMI Solutions

We connected with Amar through a friend and some of our other church friends had provided very positive feedback. The commonality in all the feedback was that Amar was best at what he does, very reliable, and trustworthy.

Our first meeting with Amar was mere exploratory but it turned out to be very valuable. Amar was knowledgeable about the real estate market and presented several data points that helped us with our decision making. We were relocating to East coast and decided to rent out our home after a short stint of putting the house for sale.

We were convinced after first meeting that Amar was exceptional and would do the best. We requested him to takeover and initiate the process. Within two days, he setup open house, collected applications, analyzed the profiles and in a short order (less than a week) picked the best tenants. During this time, he provided a detailed plan on the next steps, kept us in loop on all the activities and made us his top priority. He is extremely good in filtering the right applicants. In summary, Amar is the best with creative thinking.

Since then, Amar was always available for any questions and has been thoroughly professional. He has been in constant touch with the tenants to ensure a smooth and pleasant stay.

We are very happy with Amar’s exceptional real estate service and would highly recommend Amar to anyone else that is looking for an excellent real estate agent. We bet that Amar would exceed all expectations.

-Prashanth & Smitha

August 3, 2012, smitha was Amar’s client
Nagendra Cherukupalli
VP & CTO of MEMC/SunEdison

Amar handled the entire rental transaction in a very professional way. Starting with an initial home inspection, he guided us through what needs to be done to make the home even more desirable.

On the marketing front he did a phenomenal job of composing a virtual tour of the property (which was actually going beyond the call of duty for a rental property) and posted it on multiple web sites to grab “eyes” from potential clients. One such client was from out of state; and working with him, Amar closed the deal at a record pace. The property was rented within a week and it involved several phone calls, emails, sharing of relevant documents and performing the needed background checks.

Outcome was an excellent experience all around in terms of saving costs, renting earlier than what the client had planned, and closing the deal quickly.
My wife and I are very happy to endorse Amar Amarnath as an excellent real-estate professional.

Thank you.
Nagendra & Padma

August 1, 2012, Nagendra was Amar’s client
Suresh Koti
Principal Systems Engineer/Lead

It’s truly amazing and could not believe that we own a house now. We would say without Amar this could have happen at all. As a first time home buyer, we have zero knowledge in terms of house purchase. Amar made it so easy for us. Before we know what the next step and process is, the keys are in my hand.

It is with his encouragement and moral support that we have decided to buy a house.
The help Amar extended was more of the brotherhood rather than the professional help. The way Amar ensured and negotiated this whole deal right from submitting the offer to get the offer accepted, we have no words to express. To win a deal and compete against multiple higher offers is not easy, especially with 7K lower counter offer price. But persistent negotiation and great communication prevailed. This is true professional skills of Amar.

Amar is great subject matter expert in Real Estate. The way Amar took the efforts to go and meet the lender making sure the loan is approved and funds released in time not only that making sure we get the maximum credit is awesome.

Amar saved us over $18K in home buying process in competitive market. Amar’s guidance and support is priceless. I could definitely say not everyone will be going above and beyond exceptional service PLUS saving LOT of money for the home buyer.

I really understand how much Amar fought for this home and time he spent on this (more than his personal property). The stress Amar took and asking us not to take any stress is something only a person with good heart can say it. I am really happy that I could able to meet a person like him in my life.

July 12, 2012, Suresh was Amar’s client
Srinivasa Gundala
Technical Lead – Automation at Cisco Systems India Private Limited

I would to share my recent real estate service experience with Amar. It’s amazing experience with peace of mind and saved over $10,,000 during the process. I have called Amar over phone and asked him to get ready my property for renting since I am relocated to India. That is all I had to do and everything else was taken care by Amar.

Amar visited multiple times to the property and identified what’s need to be done for the maximum value for the money. He hired professionals at fraction of cost. Amar went to multiple shops to get best rate for the materials and did the luxury remodel work within less than 2 weeks at lowest cost. Amar helped me to write rental agreement with new tenant and make sure that the process is smooth.

I thank Amar for doing the work as if it is his own home. He saved me good amount of money and time. I thank Amar for his time and hearty efforts. Amar’s exceptional service and client’s interest above all differentiate from the rest of the Realtors. I thank GOD for giving me such a good friend, I strongly recommend Amar for real estate needs. May God bless him and give good success in real estate profession in which he has PASSION.

Srinivasa Reddy Gundala

July 3, 2012, Srinivasa was Amar’s client
Bhuvana Athavan
Student at deanza

We had been looking for homes for the past three months in Bay Area.
We met Amar a month ago, and he seemed very knowledgeable in answering our questions in the process of buying a home. We started looking for houses with Amar.

In EIGHT days, We found a house we just loved. Amar worked so hard and got us this house. He saved us $8000 in this whole process.He successfully closed the deal in just 3 weeks.

Amar, We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for all of your assistance,guidance and advice in purchasing our home in San Ramon.

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us! You made the process of finding our dream home so nice & so quick.

May 21, 2012, Bhuvana was Amar’s client
John Barrington
Senior Director eCommerce Sales

Its Sunday May 20th, 2012 and I am sitting in my new house. What is remarkable about this is that I first set eyes on this house 21 days ago. Without Amar, there is no chance I would be sitting here watching the soup and writing this recommendation. He was simply incredible in his analysis of the value of the property, winning the house against 12 bidders, helping with the loan, insurance and simply being a great partner through every step of the process. Not only was he incredibly supportive but Amar then went that step further and saved us over 30K. 20K was during the offer stage where throught Amar’s negotiating skills, we saved 20K and had our offer accpeted even though it was not the highest and the second was in retrieving 5K from the seller and 5K from the lending bank. Above all else through, Amar is a really nice guy we actually had a lot of fun in closing the deal in 15 days. I would recommend him to anyone!


May 21, 2012, John was Amar’s client
Leena Singh
Principal Engineer at Cadence Design Systems

We really appreciate Amar’s extra efforts in closing the deal for our house. His dedication, commitment and expertise on Real estate as well as his empathy in dealing with rest of the folks resulted in acceptance of our offer. Also, we are thankful to him for arranging for follow ups and for providing contacts for upgrades to the house to be done in timely manner.
Our good wishes are always with him!

May 18, 2012, Leena was Amar’s client
Kishore Aenugu
Systems Administrator at Exwire Inc

Amar was introduced to us through a colleague at work. We were first-time home buyers.
From day one, he has been a very helpful and patiently explained us all the things involved and guided us throughout the process step by step.

Amar’s excellent negotiation skills have seen us save more than $25k in various stages of the home buying process (offer price, loan credits or closing costs). He has also taken care of the rent back process to the seller, even though he was not required to do so. This above and beyond nature of Amar has helped us immensely in saving loads of money throughout the process.

We are greatly indebted to Amar for getting us the home we wanted for a reasonable price and helping us in every possible manner in getting it done with the minimum cost to us. Every time, we felt that we were missing out because of some issues, Amar has pulled off seemingly impossible things through his proven strategies, sure-fire negotiations, and contacts.

Words cannot express our gratitude to Amar in helping us buy this home. Thanks a lot, Amar, for making us feel important and standing by us in every aspect in the process.

May 17, 2012, Kishore was Amar’s client
Deepika Tetali
Java Developer at Winsome IT – Oracle Proj

We are very happy to know you and to work with you. You were very personable and knowledgeable in answering our questions and helping us to make right decisions in the process of buying our first new home. We appreciate your quick response in setting up the appointments to view the houses, even with a short notice.

We were extremely impressive by your level of commitment; you continued to work with us to meet our needs and answered our questions right up to settlement date. As a first time buyer, it would have been really hard to go through process of buying a house. But with your help it went like a walk in the park.

We thank you for your hard work. And defiantly recommend you to the other buyers.

Sincerely ,
Deepika and Dheeraj

May 7, 2012, Deepika was Amar’s client
Vamsi Mareddy
Experienced Infrastructure/Web Engineer

Amar is a realtor whom I would highly recommend. I probably spent a total of 5 days spread over 3 months visiting houses with him and 3 of them ended us with making offers. During the first meeting, Amar takes time to understand your requirements and tells you very frankly about the market and what to expect. He then make sure that every home he recommends is something worth for you to ponder about weighing the pros and cons.

Once an offer is made, rest assured that it is followed up very closely on it and you are kept abreast of all the news. I can vouch that this alone will help you understand the market and shorten your search period.

Amar is very frank about his opinions and where he thinks a house would sell for and he has been very accurate. Once an offer is accepted, he personally makes sure through his relationships that the loan closes soon and you get the best terms possible. Case in point – I had originally agreed on a certain rate with my banker, but Amar later drove down to the banker’s office and made sure we got a further rate reduction. This does show that Amar does care about his clients, tries to get them a house that they want and for the best terms possible.

May 2, 2012, Vamsi was Amar’s client
Venkat Rajappan
R & D at Lattice Semiconductor

Amar is a top-expert in all aspects of real estate. He is extremely passionate about his work and strives to achieve maximum value in every transaction of the home-buying process. He addresses client concerns immediately and ensures all loose ends are taken care of to the utmost satisfaction of the client. He is an excellent negotiator and is a true winner for all parties.
Amar takes the extra mile and goes beyond the call of duty and cares deeply for the liveability of the home as if it is his own. Once we identified the home, Amar immediately engaged his team in a full-fledged way to bring the process to a successful and satisfactory closure. He is very methodical and abreast of the latest developments in real-estate/home-building/loan-process/closure-process and works hard to preserve value to the client in each of these steps bringing exceptional standards to this profession. With his top negotiating skills, he saved us approx. 15K. on this home. He truly means it on his motto of “Clients for a Lifetime’.
Amar is an honest person who conducts himself with dignity and abides by a strong sense of fairness. Amar is a keen listener and provides solutions tailored to the needs of the client. He takes great effort in guiding the buyer thru the complexities of home-buying and ensures a pleasant and positive experience all through. Amar takes great personal delight in being the Agent of Change in the lives of his clients and finding the correct homes for buyers. He maintains excellent relationships with all sides, builds trust and leverages it to find the best possible deal.
Had it not been for Amar, we do not think we would have closed successfully on this home. His guidance and expertise have been invaluable in finding our home !!!

March 29, 2012, Venkat was Amar’s client
Kul Bhushan
Service Manager at Cisco Systems

One of my friend referred Mr. Amar to me and I’m so glad for that. He helped us in getting our new home and we were so fortunate that he was there to guide and help us on every steps.

Amar is very professional, trustworthy and a man of integrity. Throughout the complete transaction he was on the top of things and very prompt and responsive. And most importantly he saved us thousands of dollars which we’re not expecting at all. This deal was like his personal deal and he worked so hard on it to get this house for us in the best value proposition.

Amar provided his excellent services as a real estate agent. Amar has great sense of ethics and duty. I’m so proud that he is a part of our family now. I would highly recommend him for any real estate needs and look forward to work with him again in future. You are the best Amar!!!

March 15, 2012, Kul was Amar’s client
shashikant kale
Sr.PE at Intel Corporation

Amar is a best asset to prospective home-buyers. Buying a house is really a complex process for first time buyer, as we are not aware of whole house buying process. But luckily we are having Amar (best in market) in our side and made this “buying a House” experience a very easy task. Amar handled the entire situation in timely manner without stressing us out. His way of working is highly excellent and remarkable.

Amar has lots of experience in real estate and he has years of IT experience which made him unique for understanding our requirement and execute the plan to fulfill all the requirements beyond our expectation.

Amar has unique quality to foresight all the challenges and try to find out possible work around by making right decision at right time.

With his excellent Negotiation skill, He managed to win the bid 4% less than other 3 counter-offers.

Amar saved me $32000 in this whole process (Price negotiation, Recovery from Seller towards closing, home inspection, termite inspection, mortgage consultant).He personally handled all areas (Appraisal, Inspections, Loan, Escrow process) and made my buying process an easy task.

Amar’s time management, planning and making the right decision at right time is highly commendable. His knowledge/analysis to find pros and cons for any given house and providing true insight about the house makes him a unique realtor.

Could not believe that it was just 3 weeks back when we started looking for a house and now we are a proud owner of one. The whole credit goes to Amar and his team.

Finally, Amar has an excellent network of professionals working with him. He has Top notch loan agents, property inspectors and appraisers and as a great TEAM, they closed the deal successfully in the shortest possible time. (Less than 3 weeks)

Amar,truly justify his motto E=MC2, excellence in service and meeting client goal, client for lifetime.

I’d recommend Amar to represent you to guide how to save money while searching and finalizing the dream house and turn that into great future asset.

Kudos to all his Effort….

March 9, 2012, shashikant was Amar’s client
Sarabjeet Singh
Director of Engg at Cashedge

Amar is an excellent buyer’s agent who treats the whole process as if he is buying the house for himself. He gives sincere advice and listens to the buyer’s concerns and addresses them. He has great network of professional who he engages in the process at the right time – mortgage agent, inspectors, builder, etc. Amar and his team of professionals work hard to meet the deadlines and to execute to the agreed upon plan.

Amar did some amazing work for us in the offer presentation and review process. There were multiple buyers bidding for the house and our offer was the lowest. Seller’s agent was putting lot of pressure on Amar to increase our offer to get a bidding war started. Amar read the seller’s agent’s situation correctly and did not give in to the pressure. We had almost given up hopes but Amar gave us a surprise by announcing that our offer was accepted. This could not have happened without Amar’s honed planning and negotiation skills.

Once the offer was accepted, Amar took care of inspections, loan, and all the paperwork. He made it very easy for us. His negotiation skills and standing in the industry saved us lot of money in not just the house price but also in other areas as well.

Many agents just disappear after the escrow is closed. Amar has been there to help us in many things even after the escrow closed. His unwavering dedication to buyer’s needs is what sets him apart from other agents.

Thanks Amar!!

February 22, 2012, Sarabjeet was Amar’s client
Lalith Kancharla
QA Manager at LinkedIn

I never felt Amar is an outside person trying to offer you something. My first time home buying experience cannot be more pleasure than this…..

Amar trained me in all the tools required to take informed decisions right from day 1. He took time to drop by my office during lunch on very 1st week I talked to him. He spent time to understand what I am looking for and gave valuable suggestions on how to begin the hunt.Every listing that I send, Amar has responded what are the pros, cons and suggested actions.

In just 2 months we found the right property, Amar flung into action. Seller had multiple competitive offers on the table. With Amar’s sure-fire Negotiation skills bid 3% less than other offers and still managed to win the deal with his creativity. Winning such a deal is incredible and astonishing in multiple offers situation. Above all, Amar got the deal way below what I authorised him to make an offer price. This itself saved me 30K.Most of the Realtors simply don’t care saving buyers such a huge money when buyer himself authorizes to make offer price. Amar handles the whole transaction as his own transaction and always keeping client interest in heart.

Amar efforts doesn’t stop there…. I was out of town while closing the deal. Amar by himself took care of home inspection, termite inspection, mortgage consultant, escrow, repairing, etc at the best possible deal. In this process, Amar actions not only saved me over 5K but also time and efforts. After closing the deal, Amar followed up to make sure everything was looking good and offered help to resolve any problems with the property.

Amar’s constant and proactive efforts and guidance throughout the process is amazing experience and joyful journey.

In short, Amar is a reflection of you who guides to take informed decisions. It was a pleasure experience Amar. I would recommend Amar to anyone who is looking for a dream Home.

January 29, 2012, Lalith was Amar’s client
Carl White
Carl White is the Founder of The Marketing Animals from Palm Harbor, FL.

Amar comes with my highest recommendations. He is always looking for new ideas to assist his clients.
I admire him for his creative work and his willingness to “give first”.

You would be doing yourself a favor to align yourself with Amar as I have.

Respectfully Submitted,
Carl White

January 16, 2012, Carl was Amar’s client
Chetan Y. Karkhanis
Business Intelligence | Data Warehousing | Analytics | Dashboards | Reporting

Amar is the best thing that can happen to prospective homebuyers, both first-time as well as investment homebuyers alike. Right from the get go, Amar offers very candid advice on the whole home buying process. This can be especially useful to first time homebuyers as they navigate the complex maze of property ownership. He explains everything in clear and simple terms so that the homebuyers are very clear about what to expect in the coming weeks and months as they progress towards property ownership.

Amar makes it a point to visit all the listed properties along with his clients. He scrutinizes each property with a sharp eye and offers critical advice on the pros and cons of each property. His approach is very methodical. In many cases he will identify points in a property which the prospective buyers have overlooked and will also steer them away from properties that may not be potentially viable options for the homebuyers.

Once the desired property has been identified is when Amar ‘really’ swings into action. His negotiation skills are par none. Additionally he is very creative in putting options on the table which greatly benefits the buyer. His combination of negotiating skills, creativity and patience in the whole process ends up saving the homebuyers a lot (and I mean a lot) of money.

Finally, Amar has a terrific network of professionals working with him. He has some very fine loan agents, property inspectors, appraisers etc who all ‘turn on a dime’ in order to make the deal go through successfully in the shortest possible time. At the end of the process, the homebuyer (now the homeowner) feels very happy and satisfied with the property.

The best part is that Amar take a personal interest in every transaction and works on it as if it was his own. And with his surefire negotiating skills he saves everyone a lot of cash and stress. I’d recommend Amar over anyone else to represent you for all your real estate transactions. Look no further. Amar has your back!

December 29, 2011, Chetan Y. was Amar’s client
Ajaya Agrawalla
Managing Partner at Enclarus

Dear Amar

Thanks for being the catalyst for me to buy this REO home. You know exactly what I wanted and your ears and eyes were on alert to find the property that we wanted.

You have been great through the whole process including negotiating a price that was below of what we had authorized. That was real cool and thanks for getting us the best price. You have been there through the whole process.

We are all moved in and see you soon.


December 27, 2011, Ajaya was Amar’s client
Sean Lie
Hardware Engineer at SeaMicro


We want to truly thank you for helping us buy our first home. From the moment we first met, you listened and understood our wants and needs. You searched for homes that fit our criteria and steered us away from homes that were not good investments. After we found our home, your connections with other professionals (bankers, inspectors, fumagators, etc.) allowed us to receive quality service and deals at a momments notice. We especially appreciate your determination in helping us save a significant amount of money throughout the home buying process. Your hard work, dedication, organization and aggressive negotiation skills contributed to making this a pleasant experience. Your deligence and efficiency allowed us to close escrow in record time and move into our home much sooner than we thought possible.

Thank you for taking this journey with us and for being very professional and going above and beyond. We really appreciate the personal attention you gave us. As first time home buyers, we were a little nervous and anxious. However, you gave us continued support and guidance every step of the way. You answered all of our questions and we learned a lot from you about the home buying process along the way.

You truly are the best realtor out there and we will be sure to tell others about our exceptional expereince.

It has been a great pleasure working with you!

Sean and Jen

December 23, 2011, Sean was Amar’s client
Pranav Mistry
IT Operations – WAN at Hewlett-Packard

Our Journey with Amar…

We recently bought our first home. Which we never thought we could have btw, if it was not for Amar. Hearing others experiences, it sounded like buying a home can be very nerve wrecking and stressful. However, when we started off with Amar, he provided us with a wealth of information about the location/area that had tremedous potential and value proposition. After meeting and understanding Amar’s thought processes/professionalism, we knew we made the right choice and were in good hands. He was very pleasant to work with and patiently answered all my questions/concerns and even dumb questions :). Nerve wreck and stress thrown out of the window :)…thanks to Amar !!

There are realtors who get their clients “good deals” and there are realtors like Amar (who understands the clients objectives and goals) whose motive is not only to get their clients a good deal, but get a place that you can call HOME !!..and the constant support through-out the whole process until you get your keys is mind bogling. Realtors don’t do that, but Amar DOES !! If one understands what trust and faith means, then that is what we had for Amar.

Right from the beginning, Amar’s involvement in the whole process was more then just commendable. . He constantly guides their clients from start to finish. With his great negotiating skills, he got us a home below the asking price (arond $54k less) from the builder. Then came the lender, even with some minor hiccups (new lender), he managed to workout a solution which was in the client’s favor/benefit. He got us additional credits from the lender that we never expected. We not only landed up getting free upgraded appliances, but we hardly paid anything for closing. Then comes to recording/closing, how many people have recorded/closed/get funding before the “closing date”?? We did and Amar managed to get that done.

11.11.11 was a remarkable day/date for us (got our keys), because Amar made sure everything was on track. Everyone has a dream home, but surreal is not the right word for our home, because it’s beyond our dreams. Amar took care of almost all the work. Every little details were taken care. Now that we are closed, we not only have good a house, but I think we have a new family member.. Amar !! Relationship for life..

– Pranav and Deval Mistry

November 14, 2011, Pranav was Amar’s client
Subbarao Arumili
Principal Engineer at Cisco Systems

Buying a home can be a long painful process or it can be a pleasant experience. It all depends on who your real estate agent is. We had a great home buying experience and we attribute that to Amar.

We hired Amar as our agent in August 2011 and he never failed us. He collected our input and showed houses that suited our requirements. Amar gathered complete information on each house he showed and provided his honest input whether to go with or not. He never forced us to give a quick offer and always asked us to think twice, thrice before presenting an offer.

Once we found the house that we like, Amar used his keen negotiation skills and got us the house at a lower price than many competing offers. During the entire closing process he is on his heels and been in constant contact with the sellers agent, loan agent and pushed all of them to get to the closing quickly and smoothly.

Amar also have extensive contacts with loan agents, contractors and insurance agents and he used them effectively at every stage of our home buying process. With his negotiation tactics Amar saved quite a bit of time and money on various repair works we have done to our new house.

I have never seen an agent who does so much extra service to make their clients home buying experience happy and comfortable. I am very happy to use his services again and recommend him highly to anyone.

subbarao arumilli

October 31, 2011, Subbarao was Amar’s client
Rajavelu balaji
Network Engineer at Aadhick Solutions

I was introduced to Amar by a good friend of mine. After meeting with Amar, I understood that I was not just hiring a realtor. I understood that by hiring Amar, I hired a well seasoned, experienced person who commits to his clients.

Amar first presented a road map for the whole process and guided me at each stage very patiently. Always he was relaxed and pleasant to deal with. In the process I have asked him several questions and he kindly answered them in detail. He treated the whole process like project and he finished tasks by the time agreed with seller, which gave great confidence about him.

Amar understands his client’s need and taste and finds a house to match them. Also he responds to every email/call very quickly. At several stages, when seller or seller agent disagreed, I thought I may not get this house, but he never paused for a moment. He just workaround and finished the deal. At every stage he made sure that everyone in our family was happy about the house.

Amar never pushed me on anything; he explained things and stood aside until I make decision. When seller and his agent said that they will not pay anything toward closing cost, he went and negotiated and got nearly 3K in credit from them. When shopping around for loan he introduces best loan officers who directly work in big banks and I got the best interest rate. He always stands by client side even if the situation comes to staining his business relationship with his associates.

Amar also understood that I have a full time job and scheduled all the meetings as per my calendar. Also he helped to expedite and complete property inspection at short notice at no extra cost. He kept calling and checking even a month after closing the sale about any issues in the house.

Looking back, I didn’t have to do much work to get the house. Amar took care of most of the work. One cannot go wrong by working with Amar. At the end, I not only got a good house, but also a good friend, Amar.

Ramadevi Harikrishnan
Sr QA Engineer at LinkedIn

Amar helped us in a buying a property. He helped starting from identifying the property, negotiating price below the listing price and indeed successfully beaten the comps.
Using his well rounded network, he lined up right mortgage consultant, went out of his way to get close the loan with zero closing cost with competitive rate.
He is persistent in following up and in constantly keeping track of things till it is done. I would recommend
Amar for anyone looking to buy/sell real estate property as well as any professional advice regarding real estate.

September 24, 2011, Ramadevi was Amar’s client
Roshan Shaik
Principal Software Engineer at Silver Spring Networks

It is with great pleasure that we write to recommend the services of Amar Amarnath Realtor extraordinaire. We were looking for an investment property with positive cash flow, in a great school area, and under the market price.

Amar is simply THE BEST. A true commitment for lifetime is what you get from Amar. He truly is a one-stop Realtor for buyer or seller or for short sale. He made the process very easy and painless for us. He listened to what we wanted and did not pressure us to look beyond the parameters we set. He showed us 40 possible houses and was very patient with us throughout our search over a period of 10 months.

Amar’s experience in short sale process is superior to none, and negotiated a great price for us. The entire process, from the day we started to look, signed a contract with him to be our Realtor to the day we closed on our house was a period of 10 months.

No Realtor will work and provide an excellent service over few weeks and doing this over such a long time speaks volumes about Amar’s commitment towards his clients. He is very kind and great with our toddlers during the whole process.

Amar recommended the very best in the field to aid us, from mortgage guy to house inspector to home insurance and saved lot of money in the process. His advice and guidance through this process was invaluable. His attention to detail, knowledge of the field and no-pressure approach were greatly appreciated.

We can’t imagine going through this process with anyone but him. Anybody that buys or sells property in Bay Area and does not use Amar will surely have a less than optimal experience.

September 8, 2011, Roshan was Amar’s client
Jay V

We would highly recommend Amar as Real Estate Consultant to anyone desiring to buy, or sell a home in the Bay Area and would highly recommend Amar as a consultant to anyone interested in learning more about their Real Estate options – investment, short sale, foreclosures properties.

Amar has broad and deep Real Estate knowledge and very strong negotiating skills. He can navigate any Real Estate situation fairly for all parties. Amar is very pleasant, professional, and easy to work.

It was clear from our first meeting that he was a good listener, intent on finding the home we envisioned, and had an incredible amount of experience and local knowledge. Amar has an intimate understanding of different neighbourhoods, schools, and local issues as well as the current market conditions. During our search he was very flexible with meeting and viewing times as well.

Once we found the right property, his expertise was invaluable in negotiating the contract and closing escrow. As our Agent, Amar helped us to buy our current home in a competitive multiple offer situations.

As first time home buyers, we were learning as we go and Amar was a terrific guide, answering all of our questions and steering us away from potential problems. Our buying experience could not have been better”

August 25, 2011, Jay was Amar’s client
Surendranath Gurivireddy
Staff Engineer at Samsung Semiconductor

Overall it’s been a very pleasant experience with Amar in buying our first home. I appreciate the time Amar spent coming to the show the property more than one time and over phone explaining all the issues related to the real estate transaction. For a first time buyer like me, lot of things were new. Amar was very prompt in responding and kept me posted regularly about the progress of the short sale and the closing of the escrow. I am impressed the way Amar handled the situation with the seller agent when the appraisal value came short of the offer price. Amar is very optimistic, knowledgeable in the local real estate market, friendly, easily approachable, patient and work towards the best interests of his clients. Amar is willing to spend lot of time with your clients to understand the needs and the individual situation. Amar also was in regular touch with the bank agent to make sure that loan process was going smoothly and made sure that I got good deal on the loan also.
Overall, I am satisfied about the buying experience with Amar as agent and I strongly recommended him to my friends.

Thank you very much Amar for all your help, guidance and support through the entire process of buying our first home.

August 9, 2011, Surendranath was Amar’s client
Raman Ramamurthy
Manager, Database Engineering at Motorola Mobile Devices

In my 13 years of home-buying, Amar is the only person I would really consider as a true Realtor. After going through my experience, I do not have any doubt that he delivers the best results to his clients whether you are buying or selling homes. Amar is very knowledgeable and really enjoys being in the Realty business and brings about the best qualities. A few big thiings that he brings to his clients are:

a) His network for Lending
b) His relationship strategy with agents from the other side.
c) His negotiation skills
d) He takes care of all the needs along the way
e) He explains the whole process and maintains profiles and provides a lot of information and steps.

All in all, you have to experience your home buying with Amar to understand what I mean.

August 3, 2011, Raman was Amar’s client
Harinath Subramaniam
Director OnDemand Operations at Oracle Corporation

Amar is one of the most patient and customer oriented realtor we have come across, with his association we ended up buying an excellent property at a best deal. I recommend Amar to anyone for their realestate needs.

Our Experience – Amar was knowledgeable on both the real estate industry and the neighborhoods of our interest. We visited several homes every weekend for months, but with our specific needs and tight budget, it wasn’t easy finding the right property. There were a few homes matching our needs but he pointed out hidden problems that we were unaware – most realtors would have pressured us to buy at any sign of interest. Amar was incredibly quick on the turnaround time, and was always proactive. His professionalism and relentless determination in making the deal happen keeping his clients best interests at every stage of the process (and resolving unforeseen hurdles) was greatly appreciable.

Amar, your passion, thoughts and actions demonstrates inclination in taking care of your clients needs first. We are proud to have you part of the team and cannot thank enough for your help. We commend you for all your efforts in buying our new home and look forward for your continued association for future needs and best wishes for expanding your portfolio of services. Thank you Amar.

August 3, 2011, Harinath was Amar’s client
Kishore Mokada
Staff Engineer at Nimble Storage

The Extra Mile: That’s how we’d sum our experience with Amar. As a first time home buyer with a demanding job, purchasing a home seemed like a daunting task. We were amazed how Amar mastered knowing our needs in detail, and immediately found options that were perfect for us, both personally and financially. Within a month, we managed to make an offer, close, and move in to our first home. We’ve been thrilled with our choice ever since. Amar started with us from ground zero that is from getting pre-approval, introducing most sought out neighborhood in Menlo Park, showing the best schools in California, detailed information about the neighborhood like safety, what the neighborhood means for the kids. Amar connected me to loan officer, Jazzy singh, in his team, who was nothing short of stellar in assisting me in the loan process starting from pre-approval to closing the loan despite big obstacles with my specific situation, Amar and Jazzy worked hand in hand to resolve all the issues on time under stressful circumstances. Starting from making an offer, Amar thought through the whole thing very carefully, in spite of the property being in most sought out neighborhood and multiple offers on property for beyond the list price, he got the property $50k less than the list price, he got us the inspection with no cost done, went through the inspection reports and educated how it can be taken care, if it is not for his education and getting 80% discount ($8000) on the termite, we might have lost the property thinking the cost of fixing is enormous. Amar went an extra mile to not only to get the $50K less on the list price under multiple offer situation, but he negotiated to pay a few thousand dollars by the seller, he saved thousands of dollars at the every step of closing the escrow. He worked with loan officer to get $7000 credit. Above that he lined up other things for me like getting the termite done with mere $2500, where the same would’ve coasted $10,500, and also getting other inspections done without me physically there. He not only saved thousands of dollars in the whole transaction but also time, that way I was able to take care of personal life and yet got the best deal of the life. Amar is enthusiastic, energetic, powerful person, with exceptional negotiating expertise, excellent knowledge about the real-estate, and he has huge network of people, which is required to get the steal of a deal, it is like buying a house from Costco or whatever is you favorite whole-seller. Amar is one stop shop for home buying and owning and I will recommend him for anyone. Thank you so much Amar

July 27, 2011, Kishore was Amar’s client
Srinivasan Kandalam
at Yahoo!

Buying an investment property with partnership is not an easy decision. It requires sound thinking on the location, price and prospect of the property. Amar helped me to take this decision, supported from the beginning. Made good deal with the builder using his strategy, knowledge amd closed within a short period. His persistence follow-up with builder and between the partners is very admirable from bottom of my heart. Amar made dream come true.

August 3, 2011, Srinivasan was Amar’s client
Nidhi Ramamurthy
Quick Wins Business Analyst – Sales Decision Support at Apple

I wanted to take this time to thank Amar for the enormous support and expertise he provided us. Raman and I are not first time home buyers for either a primary or investment home and have dealt with multiple house purchases and realtors during the last decade. Normally and understandably this can be a very difficult and often nervous time for a lot of people but our experience was absolutely positive. Right from the beginning, Amar provided us with a wealth of information about the neighborhood that immediately showed great investment potential. He used his great people/negotiation skills to secure the property for us at below asking price when there were multiple offers on the table. His tie-ups and constant checking with mortgage broker helped us keep the loan processing on track with a closing in 21 days! Even in situations where he did not have a prior working relationship with people (for example, he worked with new people in the Title Company), he was able to use his great negotiation skills to influence the situation in our favor. Also, in the process he forges new relationships that will help his clients further.

July 27, 2011, Nidhi was Amar’s client